Player count future question

I am enjoying this game so much I really wanna keep playing this game for awhile a year or so I heard the population was over 3 million players ? Do you guys believe it will remain strong for a year or so ? And I am seeking honest answers not fan boys because I remember getting gears 4 I only played a few hrs and I got bored of it gears 5 feels fresh and having Domination in it feels great I love that game mode

It will drop off quite a bit. This title has its fans, but as far as flagship titles go, it’s not everyone’s taste. FPS are more palatable to newcomers, so I expect the drop-off to be quite steep, regardless of how large the initial group was.

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Ty for the response anyone else?

I’m sorry to inform you but the game will die by the end of the year,

More opinions would be appreciated I feel kinda disappointed because I hope this game doesn’t end up like crackdown 3 multiplayer