Player count for MP

So I have played gears since the original, but I haven’t played 5 in a while (almost a year) I’m getting back into things and was curious if horde and other multi-player modes still have a large player count.


US or EU? If you’re in the EU, don’t bother. You’ll spend more time in queue than actually playing only to end up in lobbies where everyone has a 100+ ping.



I resent that, I never met a fornicator with a ping higher then 20

US actually. So far one person has said yes, another has said no, so I’m confused lol

Ive been waiting anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes, quickplay, elimination or objective. Havent played competitive or horde recently

Edit - US player

Actually just loaded into horde and I waited maybe 15 seconds before I had a full team

Quickplay 1-2 min.

EU here-Lower Ping

Ranked Control 2-4mins most times of the day
Horde daily sub 1min
Escape daily sub 1min

Only time I struggle to find match making taking upto 5mins is when the weekly mode has been out for a few days and most have got the rewards they needed and stopped playing it

Yes you can find matches relatively quick. Escalation and execution a different story though. Whatever you do just make sure you got a full team or at least a 3 man. SBMM makes sure you playing the Latin American gears all star squad every match. And watch out last 4am ET. The connections get dicey bruv