Player base on older gears

Does anyone still play the older versions of GOW? I was going to download 2/3, but wanted to know if you could still find matches?

People only play Guardian on Gears 2 and TDM/maybe KOTH in Gears 3.

Yes, KotH is quite populated on Gears 3, which is great.

There are also still people playing the original Gears 1 from time to time. Legends never die, it seems.

People still play the older call of duty games which is funny to me

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Good games, I must admit :joy:. I had the first two on PC a long time ago.

If I could play COD4 or MW2 right now and not have to worry about cheats I doubt I’d have ever stopped playing them.

Always seem to find a game on gears 3 fairly quick, such a masterpiece.


At OP. I play KOTH3 several times a week, still a very healthy playerbase…well I would think about 100 of us play regularly.
The connection (I’m uk) can be very bad on occasion though. as for Guardian on G2 I have found it virtually unplayable, which is a shame.

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