Played with in an all PC match, best game ever

recently i just played with, and against an all PC versus match. and it was magnificent

even though we lost with the score being 2-1, being able to go into a up close gnasher battle with out getting absolutely trashed by the close quarters auto aim-was incredibly satisfying

now while i understand not all console players actually use controller, some prefer to use mouse and keyboard. which begs me to ask the question , will we ever have the option to filter out and only play against keyboard and mouse players?

or at the very least, give me the option to disable crossplay, i dont think its fair that only console players be given that choice while the pc community isnt

This has been brought up a ton of times already

Most people think it should be input based not platform

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i understand, but in the end of the day while we dont have a filter out option for the mouse and controllers. PC players werent even given the option to opt out of crossplay, only console players

we should have been given an option to filter out crossplay till that day comes

question is, are they planning on implementing an option to only play with controllers/mouse?