Played through the campaign again, still can’t wrap my head around it

Forgot how good it was, despite the problems with multiplayer, it was a good campaign.

The choice of deciding who survives out of Del and JD, I still can’t wrap my head around what decision they are going to base the Gears 6 story around.

And the fact Reyna came back from the dead is now near immortal, opens up the possibility of seeing other characters being resurrected somehow. I’d love to see Dom come back somehow.

I seriously don’t know what to expect for Gears 6. Gets me excited even more.


I got a years Ban for disclosing this information. I suspect a slapped wrist incoming.

I thought the decision was easy. Marcus has suffered enough.

How? And I know JD will probably be the ‘right’ choice. There’s a term I forgot what it was.

No it doesn’t. That’s only related to Queen Myrrah and her Hivemind abilities. It was just by chance her daughter, Reyna, was in a hive and able to be possessed, dead or not.

Good point, but how do we know Reyna was the only one connected to the hive mind, there could be hundreds of other important people at each main hive, that she has the ability to control.

I know Myrrah is related to Reyna and Kait but that doesn’t mean she can only use the hive mind to connect with them. If she has someone from other families she could do it to them.

Maybe that interaction with Reyna wasn’t real, and it was all in Kait’s mind, thinking about decisions that she may have to make. I think it would be a good way to play it off that the whole ordeal with Reyna was connected to nightmares that she has about losing her mother.

I’m open to all opinions I like discussing this sort of thing.

Game hasn’t been out a year yet.


I needed a laugh in the morning.


Each to their own, you must have a weak sense of humour if you find this funny.

How is that possible when the game hasn’t been out that long? Its not even been 10 months.

If you spoiled the game for people shortly after release (or beforehand) of course you would have been suspended.

OP isn’t spoiling anything in his title and regardless the game has been out long enough for spoilers to not be an issue,


I understand your line of thought, but it’s extremely unlikely that anyone out with New Hope has any kind of abilities in relation to the Hivemind, especially not to the extent that Queen Myrrah did. It simply passed on genetically.

The only way your theory would be plausible would be if Myrrah’s parents had similar abilities, like the immunity to imulsion. But that’s partially not the case as, while we know nothing of her Mother, her Father died of Rustlung.

The entire Locust species was developed with Myrrah’s DNA, it’s why she calls them her “children” and has such a strong connection with them. I believe it’s therefore impossible for anyone outside the Bloodline to have any connection to the Hivemind whatsoever.

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Gears 6 will begin with Kait still hooked up to the machine at New Hope.

Every part after that was just a dream.


That’s true, I like your reasoning, makes sense when you put it like that.

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Marcus was connected when he was podded in Gears 4.


That’s also a good point, but I think he means that Myrrah has control through Reyna.

Reyna would be like anyone else who was connected to the hive and died. I don’t see how bloodlines would matter.

Maybe a better explanation…just not seeing it atm

That was only temporary as far as we are aware. No connection with Marcus persisted after that. Far as we know only Kait has/had a hivemind connection. At least as humans post Locust War go, we don’t know if this also existed for Reyna and if she just hid it.

And Kait still being in that machine does not make Act 1 not happen, not that that would matter to most people.

I just mean that it would appear anyone podded could connect to the hive.

Yes Kait has a different connection (had).

Reyna was dead (?).

So apparently the hive can control dead organisms?

It gets messy.

That’s why I think Kait is still dreaming.

Dom blew up though so sad

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Pretty bold statement there Frib

This campaign was one of the worst in the series. So yeah it’s a funny thread.

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Subjective feelings and opinions are a thing.

I think what happened there is the Swarm either reconnected the body to whatever biomass it was hooked up to and continued to turn it into that thing. Or whatever they had gotten started kept working by itself to turn the body. Then Myrrah was aware of the body being available as a host for her mind or whatever, but apparently couldn’t connect to it without some outside help that Niles used Kait for against her will.

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