Played Gridlock for 11 Years

I’ve never been up here before though…

I still enjoy this map. :joy:


I tried to get up there, but by rolling/walking straight on to it. I will try again next time I’m on the map by stepping sideways.

I think then holding a revving Lancer in the air (if it’s doable) will round off the spectacle nicely!

If only I could invoke the night and have thunder and some lightning behind the silhouette! :sunglasses:

Not forgetting (like I just did) the chuckle of the Swarm Drones.

Reminds me of all those times on the original Gears where id pick up an hammer of dawn and kungfu flip out of the map and rain down hell nonstop. It’s hilarious because guys were looking all over for me tryin to snipe me. Same on fuel Depot. Good sh*t anyway.