Played Gears 5 - 12 hours went back to Gow 4 - The difference is huge and appaling!

After playing 12 hours Gears 5 Multiplayer i went back to GoW 4 . Comparing those 2 thedifferences in Movement , overall Gamepase , Weapon Balance , nearly everything is better in GoW 4 than in Gears 5 . Playing Gears 5 feels like playing the Grandpaversion of GoW 4 , slow movement , i feel like i fall asleep running over the map in Gears 5 . The Maps in GoW 4 were big enough , not this close quarters ■■■■ what Gears 5 implemented in the newest installment. Gears 5 compared to Gow 4 is slow , boring, not enjoyable at all and Gears 5 is representing lazyness no real motiviation and SHOWS THAT TC LOST THE PASSION DOING A GREAT GAME - INSTEAD THEY CHASING MONEY!!
Its not an excuse of TC that they cant directly approach where there ended after GoW 4. They are just lazy. Overall Gears 5 doesnt make fun in PvP ,comparing this to GoW 4 , GoW 4 was hella of fun! WITH CONTENT AT THE BEGINING OF THE GAME!! ( WHaaaaat? thats actually true) But Matchmaking is still ■■■■■■■■. Always teammed up with headless chickens lol. idk what TC did over 3 years of development but they didnothing great, nothing really goood, everything in Gears 5 is at a half hearted state. I am so much disappointed that TC rly destroyed a Game that was one of my favourites of all time.

If it had gears 4 movement and 8 shots in the gnasher I think this would be the best mp ever also take those stupid flash bangs too

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