Played for 6 hours and played tomb only once lolol

Seriously TC. Make tomb 100 percent a map to be picked out of the 3 every single time for a week atleast. This is so bogus. Can’t even play the dam map cause it doesn’t show up. Use your head TC.


I played Tomb 5 or 6 times while playing Execution.

What mode are you playing?

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Same. Not having a problem getting tomb either and people overwhelmingly vote for it being the new map. Only played for a couple hours and it came up at least three times.

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There are so many maps the chances of you getting 1 out of 20+ is going to be very low. If you really want to play on a particular map custom is probably the better option just to fufill your need for wanting to play on that map and then go back normal versus.

Not ideal but its like any other map. I remember people saying it about Pahanu when that came out hardly ever see it but its because there are so many maps.

If you only had 10 your chances increase but the more maps they bring out the lower the chance gets of getting 1 particular map.

It would be good if it was possible to temp remove all old maps and just have all the new ones from the last 2 ops for a bit so the players can enjoy them a bit more but it might not be as easy as that.

Me & 2 others also played (KOTH) for over 6 hours last night and Tomb only came up once.

Not surprised with TC and how often it appears. TC cant seem to get anything right, its almost expected at this point.

Some of u making excuses for TC saying there’s so many maps… smh Yh that explains why I played maps like Blood Drive 3 times in row. All TC need to do is increase the probability of the map appearing (especially launch week). Some maps like Bunker rarely appear compared to others, is that a coincidence? :roll_eyes:

I was having no issue getting it in execution. Honestly impressed I really like the map.

Everytime I vote tomb someone else votes for asylum or sumn ■■■■.

Like bro it’s a new map and you playing old ones still

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