Played 50 waves of Horde on Experienced and got nothing

Hello, so I was playing Horde for about two hours, got a really good team, and we managed to finish all 50 waves, but at the end I got an error message as we finished, and got nothing from it in the score screen.

So, after the score screen error message, I just exited out of the score screen and went to the main menu and checked the character I would’ve gotten cards with, to my dismay I didn’t get any cards upgrades, packs, or level ups.

I’m playing on Steam PC version, and I was playing as Del.

GTX 1080
AMD Ryzen 1800x
32 gigs of ram corsair vengeance ram (4 sticks)

Since the upgrade I sometimes get GOW5 exiting and reporting a graphics card crash (occurs with latest and previous Nvidea drivers) and if I get that crash in Horde I get nothing … I wondered if its early attempts at a system to punish quitters ?

I haven’t really crashed very much on nvidia gpu. I’m actually very surprised because I would crash all the time on gow 4. I have left matches though due to other people leaving and knowing we won’t make it very far, or just people being incompetent and buying things off the fabricator even though they aren’t engineers.

Though, you could be right about the game punishing quitters. Maybe a stealth fix for quitters, who knows?