Playable horde in co op vs A.I

Why aren’t we able to play as the horde in co op? Just the cog. I only play A.I matches because you can not find matches here in Australia in the standard playlists


I guess because then it dilutes the pool even further. You then have x% of the people looking to play as locusts as well.

Why not have it just switch sides every match? Same pool, same number of matches, just a switch.


Exactly. Or just allow players to vote which side they go on, majority vote wins. I mean, it’s just aesthetic (and makes that (win 25 games as Swarm TOD Medal easier).

But apparently TC said that this change is low on their priority list so it’s unlikely we will get this. What is frustrating is that it’s been raised before in GOW4 and again, TC habe said that it’s low priority. They know fans want it, yet they give us things we don’t ask for and are constantly changing the PVP tuning.


Yeah good points. I’d be happy either way.

Guess all we can do is wait :frowning:

I’d wager it was originally made that way due to daily objectives like “Win a match as JD”, which we used to have. I don’t remember them listing Locust at first, so you’d need to guarantee you were playing as COG to get the daily.

IIRC, a lot of those also had a Swarm creature on them. Like it might say “win a match as Del or Swarm Grenadier” or something like that.

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Finally a post I can agree with! This would be the best if they can do this and worth the amount spent unlocking swarm skins and so I can beat up fahz for not picking me up when he’s nearby and instead takes forever pulling out the gnasher to end up getting killed.

They did, but I believe that was a change that came afterward. I seem to remember the challenges were only COG in the beginning of the game.

Though if that’s not the case, I could be confusing it with the “win as (blank)” cards in Gears 4 that were all COG.

Well, tonight I jumped on a co-op vs AI to do dailies… KOTH. I couldn’t spawn in (joined mid match), as I watched I wondered why the captured hills all said “break”… game ended and I received a loss as I was somehow swarm even though I never actually joined. Lol


There are times that i have joined this game type and it has had to be filled with Bots, if the players had a choice to play as Horde or CoG, it would be even worse.

However, i have actually asked that same question, and to be perfectly honest, i do nto mind playing with Bots, as i am playing against them too.

So, in effect, i second your question. Why. (even if i answered it already).

Been waiting since before 2016 for this simple feature to return.

i asked the same question after buying this game today to find out you can only play as half of the available characters in co-op after they add a whole new mode which is beyond me?? How hard can it be to flip a switch to let yoou play as swarm and swap the faction around at random after every game??? From the gist i get on this forum and on youtube… TC are just bad at their jobs and will take away or not add features you really want or are standard in other games who give a square root of a damn, and add in things that are total nonsense that no one cares for. I would say hope for nothing and expect the worst :slight_smile:

Dude welcome to the club I’ve made this case many times it would take next to nothing for them to rotate sides every other game like they do in every other pvp playlist unfortunately this is low priority for TC no matter how many times it’s brought up.