Playable characters+Playable modes

Hello Coalition,

  1. Could You add some game modes where you can play as Swarm/Locust ?
  • “Horde-ish” type mode where Swarm/Locust must defend themselves against waves of COG,
  • “Escape-ish” mode, where Swarm/Locust infiltrate COG base and have to destroy it (with bomb? infest it? take it over by simply killing COG?..).
  1. I know that there are some plans to add more playable characters in the future but here is my list of characters to be considered about:


  • Clayton Carmine, Anthony Carmine, Benjamin Carmine, Lizzie (Carmines in general),
  • Paduk,
  • Hoffman,
  • Dom,
  • Baird (probably coming),
  • Cole (probably coming),
  • Anya,
  • Kim,
  • Dizzy,
  • Tai,
  • Sam,
  • Bernie.


  • General Raam,
  • Locust Drone,
  • Locust Sniper,
  • Locust Grenadier,
  • Theron Guards,
  • Skorge,
  • Myrrah.

Thanks in advance for responses.

I would be extremely surprised if any of those characters DON’T show up eventually.
Playing those modes with swarm sounds interesting.

Also , Could you make an option to select Swarm/Locust side when playing Coop vs AI?