Play Gears Your way

Could it be Gears is going to give the player the choice ???

What do you want to see a bigger campaign over MP or same MP types?

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I just hope for a solid game.


Yeah me too. But expansion isn’t bad if they do it right. I wouldn’t mind one of two stories like something akin to Dishonored or Wolfenstein. Like maybe if we play as JD to chose whether or not to save civilians or Gears, or as Kait if we chose to side with the Swarm/Humanity. Something to think about, something to break the mold.


Few different ways aint bad if its done right. Some games did it good and others didn’t, so its a easy way to trash whole game. Example mass effect 3 didnt do it right.

I really like gow1-3 as story, characters, maps and suprising and good bosses, gow4 final boss just felt like wtf. The path choices was enough choosing for me and fun with Co-op.

I hope good game with good story, interesting enemys, More melee weapons. And maps that look breath taking! Oh and of course tons of Black humor.

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I feel like people are expecting too much, too grand of a story from Gears 5. Personally, Gears 4 didn’t deliver on a lot of fronts so right now, I just want to be made into a believer in the idea of a post-GoW3 franchise that has a solid story.

The characters were weak, the story was too boring and the gameplay was a little too safe. I hope to be surprised and amazed, but my hope isn’t exactly up there.

Im keeping hopes on, its not rare that some stories have a lazy Start but rises to be something fantastic. Backgrounds for characters was for me a bit confusing and didnt gived much why they act like they did. And im not reading books or consume the things around mainstory so thats one problem also, i want to learn about characters as i play,

So basicly if you could have a choise to play trought story with different character, and getting different story explained as playing :+1: and it can Come as dlc or be there.

343’s Halo games have failed because they rely so much on telling the story through things outside the games, that it renders playing the game not enough. Books, comics, all of that should enhance the lore and story, not be the place to look for the actual plot.

I hope Gears 5 can tell us a great story without falling into hole.


I would love some DLC’s like in Gears 3, some story based fun viewed from a different character perspective.

I held out hope for Gears 4 and I know that time has gone.

An Oscar side story would have been great.

A self-contained story? Preposterous!

I would like to see them learn from their mistakes before trying to over reach.

I know, I know, too much to ask for when you can just milk through various things from the diehards wanting to buy it all.

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