Play 4 while u can

Sadly our beloved Gears has taken a turn for the worst. Jan 2020 will be the end of 4 as far as anything that counts (ranked matches, season 7 etc…) .4 Will be the Gears i miss the most (guess ill be playing 3 after jan. or no gears at all) even after the love/hate i went through with 4 it will still be the most satisfying experience with a shotgun ill ever have in this lifetime…GoW4 i will dearly miss u

I got plenty of PS4 games to play

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Swear…theres so many games coming out that Gears 5 wldnt make a difference anyway. Idk why they didnt give it another year for development…We DIDNT NEED GEARS 5 this gen (wait for Scarlett TC, I repeat, Do twice as much!). Oh well, I have ps4 and didnt buy Gears 5 so i didnt lose anything. Other then time wasted

you can still play horde on 4 if you like, a lot of players will be doing that after january.