Play 4 days early by pre order but how?

If you pre order you can play 4 day early but wouldn’t you need to be able to download the game early to play it?So when and where do you download it,to do this?

Pretty sure they are gonna do a pre-load before hand, they did it with the tech test, so 2 or so days before.


If you bought the ultimate edition you get to play 4 days earlier, If you bought digital you will be able to download it and play, If you bought physical you can pick it up in the store on September 6

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Hopefully the pre-download option would be available sooner rather than later (especially seeing as the game has gone gold already), as with my 3 MB/sec download speed I will need about 4 days to download it!

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They better. I can imagine it’s a 60 gb game.