Places to go, monsters to kill achievements

If you’re trying to work on this achievement good luck because you will always be placed on the losing team, that or it will never come up in voting depending what maps you have left

I’ve played like every 2 weeks on and off since launch, and I got it quickly compared to how much I play compared to the ppl who play daily.

Also could be the game type that you’re playing if it’s king of the hill or team death match

Can not for the life of me get Gridlock. Always comes up against Blood Drive, Checkout, Foundation and clocktower lol.

Dude I’ve been playing all day I finally get river and of course I’m on the losing team as always

If you care about achievements, my advice is to go for these immediately when they come out. There are other people doing the same and voting for these maps then. Alternatively, you can group up with people so everyone votes for the maps each of you need for the achievement. Also easier done close to when the achievement comes out.

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OP don’t worry.

It took me a few weeks to get the achievement after OP5 launch, because Clocktower wasn’t appearing in the voting menu.

I got this achievement and you will get it eventually too.

That’s just luck… nothing can be done about it.

ok I need to join your game, I get gridlock all the time lmao. I hate that map with a passion.

you poor thing, people just love the same maps over and over again.

I need to join your game because I can’t get anyone to vote for it lol.

It was the same in Gears of War 4 and now its back to repeat itself in Gears 5 … ugh

Id rather play TC made maps, not all of them are amazing but it beats playing on blood drive for the 6,000th time.