"Places to Go, Monsters to Kill" achievement was not a good idea to be based on Ranked

This will encourage probably a bunch of players (like me) just to quit out of matches to get the right one. Yet there’s also not even an increased chance (it seems like) that you get a new map. If it were in Casual I wouldn’t complain but Ranked is not really a good idea in my opinion.

I know you get “banned” and have to do the community service thingy but it doesn’t really sound like a big pain to me to do that. Rather that than playing on a map that doesn’t grant you the achievement anyways.


I agree. Ruins the ranked experience for the real ranked players as well. I never play ranked or really pvp in gears 5 and now I have to go into ranked to win on these maps.

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Also interesting, I got punished now and was supposed to complete 2 casual matches and get 500 points each.

I completed one Coop Vs. AI (the win itself already granted 500 points…) and could already go back into Ranked.

Not sure if it’s broken. :slight_smile:

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Speaking of which, the achievement doesn’t seem to work on KotH. No progress for this one even though I won on River. Got progress for “A Gear of Many Talents”.

Ah TC you did it again.



Mine wasn’t updating either until I went into see all achievements on dashboard. Worked fine for wins on the maps in koth and tdm
Finally done after 5 hours of playing ranked. It was fun feeding on maps I didn’t need.

Also, ranking up is way too easy. If I wasn’t getting zero GP on my losses I would probably be close to onyx

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Good to know, so just a tracking issue.

I doubt you haven’t, but did you try resetting the game?

If so, this is certainly annoying. Hopefully they resolve it soon.

I’ve yet to play Versus myself.