Placement Ranking

Finally tried KoTH.

Did my 5 placement matches

Won 4 out of 5

Lots of caps and breaks, plus each match 40-60 kills

Places me in Bronze 2?

I was expecting at least gold to start

I think the game wants you to work your way up + there is already alot of skilled players in koth than any other mode. You just need to play more so the game puts you in the right rank

Placement ranking just puts you in the bare minimum rank which unfortunately for you is bronze 2

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Always gonna be Silver 3 or lower unless you got Onyx last season. If you didn’t place at all, Bronze is common.

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As has been said, placements are low right now.
In general though I think this season has been the quirkiest I’ve seen. I’ve had loses that should have deranked me but didn’t. I had day where my friend and I had the same % and I consistently scored above him but his rank soared past mine somehow. That was really bizarre.

I’m not too concerned with any of it but I do observe it and it seems pretty inconsistent.


I got on an alt account once, MVP’d 3 matches including one that was all onyx players with a couple of golds, even clutched that match.

4 out of 5 won. Placement was bronze 2

First rank is always bronze, happened to everyone. Next season though the system will remember your top placement and rank you accordingly.

In my case I was TDM silver on season 1, gold 3 on season 2 and on season 3 I was gold 2 after the placement matches and managed to reach onyx in less than 10 games.

If you’ve never played KotH before then that’s to be expected, However you’ll rank up very quickly as that’s probably a very low rank for you judging by your stats you say you got.

I think the point is, why have placement matches in the first place, when its gonna put you in lower tier no matter how well you did…

I feel placement ranking may be broken because previous season Im sure I have instantly placed at silver minimum.