Pistols in the air

I believe this all started because someone’s controller died at the end of the round and it automatically made the character look up so people thought it was cool and started doing it on purpose


I believe someone’s controller was broken where the RS right stick camera view automatically looked up from time to time.
I know this because this is what happened to my previous broken controller.

Speaking of broken controllers, my right bumper completely fell off my first XB1 controller so I could never get an active reload in GearsUE.

Gears 3’s servers only supported certain regions, most of them at certain times of the day. Then they included multiplayer DLC, and only people who owned all of it were allowed to play on the servers.

It led to a lot of people, myself included, just dropping Gears 3. It still makes me sad, because 90% of my fun Gears 3 memories are from the beta and launch month.

Hokay, so, the pistol salute

It’s not a salute. But is it insulting? Your mileage may vary.

I kind of miss the days of drawn-out final executions by the entire enemy team. One guy punching, one guy spanking with a smoke grenade, one guy kicking, and two running around with chainsaws revved until one accidentally sawed the person being executed. And sometimes the person swinging the grenade would tag a frag to the victim, killing everybody and losing the round. Heheheh


That’s reasonable to point out about 3. I just assumed that any at least half serious Gears player would have the DLC and I don’t think it’s completely unfair to have to pay the premium price for the optimal experience. And, with that being said, I still found Gears 3 p2p connection to be markedly better than 2 (experienced when playing off server with party mates without the DLC). Also, you could still play the ‘TDM no dlc’ playlist if you didn’t want to buy the dlc but still wanted to be on dedicated servers.

It has always been a gears tradition to treat the last man out like a :poop:


Except that in practice, many TDM No DLC players got stuck in p2p matches. Not enough working servers.

I myself was stuck on my family’s farm working for room and board at the time. And I foolishly spent all my money on the Epic Edition + Retro Lancer bundle. So I had $20 to my name for a year, all of it picked up as loose change here and there. As a result of my foolishness I only got to play Gears 3 on servers for a short window of time.

Other people just didn’t want to spend more than $60 to play the game. So when extra charges were layered on, they quit. Some called it a boycott. And lo and behold, Rod and The Coalition didn’t repeat that system again.

But yeah, anything is better than Gears 2’s p2p.

Wow I didn’t know what that meant. Always wondered. Personally I think it’s corny though

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I’m from México that mean like a sword to celebrate the combat


this is absolutely the nerdiest thing a player can do… been playing gears for a very long time but god i think its so dumb that people do this.

i wish we could still t bag at the end of rounds like gears 2


Wait…you think looking up at the screen is nerdy but t-bagging isn’t?
Do you guys listen to the ■■■■ you say?


Lol, I couldn’t care less if they do it, my team does it, etc…

Re t bagging, same thing… sometimes I totally feel like I deserved it, haha (last night I mantle kicked a guy and missed TWO gnasher shots, he kills me and no-nos, and I’m “yup, I deserved that,” lol


HAHA! See, this comment is perfect and explains perfectly the reason why we all do the things we do.

have you guys ever seen role models? it reminds me of the scene where their role playing and they put their swords in the air and say “let us gingerly touch our tips”

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I’ve seen it for years, but it still makes me laugh to see the guy with two kills at the end of the game do it. Classic.


illl have to admit the d**** in the air is a gears of war 4 thing… never seen it before until this game


People find any reason to complain i swear lol

t bagging is to piss people off and have a good laugh… there is nothing entertaining about sticking your pistol awkwardly in the air?


the pistol thing is nerdy AF. tbagging isn’t super nerdy, but it’s pretty douchey.

hahaha! A hilarious quote from a painfully unfunny movie

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