Pistols in the air

Hahahah! That was hilarious!

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It was alittle harder to do in Gears 3 because there was a very short delay when the round ended that a player could move around. Now in Gears 4 you can do an entire wallbounce before the round is over. That’s my take on why we see it more nowadays

I only see players from a certain country doing that. I thought it was akin to their hat dances


Funny enough every single tdm game I played during the retro challenge either my team or the enemy team did this regardless of the fights being hard fought or easy

i do sometime if the team teabags me. just means, im better

So from what everyone has said, its pretty much what I was expecting. Damn… I hope someday I can graduate to that level of bad ■■■. I’m so jealous.

I stick to the good ole down hump if someone is asking for it other than that I dont do anything at the end of rounds waste of time

If you message said person, you’re just salty.

Ya’ll some soft, salty players. Pistol salute is the top tier way to end a match.


Pointing your screen to the blank sky is for losers and basement dwellers. Grow up, children. Stupid stuff like this is why Gears has the worst community of any game, including COD.


I never understood it. Don’t recall seeing it back in Gears 3, and since I primarily play the ring type modes and people on both the winning and losing sides would do it, I just thought it was something silly the kids did these days.

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I used to like smoke tagging newbies lol,

great fun watching a smoking Marcus running round ; )

The end T bag,

I and teams i was on only used to do it to the gobby sh*te player youd get on the other team

You know the one, gamer tag 5NiperZZZZ or similar and all youd hear is “Headshot Boom”

and the constant commentary on how he wuz a mothaf*kin killa snipa :wink:

Used to be quite funny when somone melee’d them down

and then the whole team smoke tagged & or T bagged them.

Theyd usually rage quit shortley after

In no way am I salty about it. More or less just making fun of a garbage community lol like I said, someday I really hope I can be that cool, although my wife might leave me.

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Ya but why not just be top teir instead of flailing your arm and saying “hey, everybody! Look at me. I’m top teir, guys!”

You made a thread to cry about it. If that’s not salty I don’t know what it is. Passive aggressiveness is by far the worst thing about this community, get off your high horse

I think I need to go hit up Urban Dictionary real quick because apparently I have no idea what salty, or sweaty, means anymore.

Damn you cool kids using the wrong words for pre-existing words.

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Bro. He’s not on any high horse. I aim my Snub in the air at the end of rounds all the time. Even if I loose lol! Everyone can have opinions on this. And if you read his original post, he’s just asking when did this become the cool thing to do. He wasn’t condemning those who actually do it.
Now I’ve only playing Gears for less then a year. And even in that time I have seen FAR worse things then passive aggressiveness, and I don’t even think that Short_on_Talent was being passive aggressive in the first place

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What on earth from my original post gave you the impression I was crying about it? Lol. Was just asking why people do it and when it became a thing. I took some time off gears.


Me personally, not too big on all those last minute antics, whether that be smoke tag, beatdowns, teabagging, or pistol-whipping. If you really want to send a message, play good DURING the match. That’ll get you more respect than however you try to rub it in at the end. Just sayin!

I can deal with the obligatory no-no or a little dance in their kill cam after a kill, I do it sometimes but other than that, is just over-exaggerating imo.


I typically just say “Two Words” and proceed to do the old DX salute