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Pistol placement is problematic


As you can see in Gears 4 multiplayer pistol location is hit or miss with skin variants not having pistols while others do, as-well as certain characters who obviously shouldn’t having them block certain assets, please consider relocating the pistols in Gears 5 to a more visually aesthetic location on player models when the situation arises. As it stands now there is no reason for my man Grenadier to show off his thiccness while Anya and Myrrah are covered up.

The gist of this is either go all or nothing, everyone has a snub or nobody does because I enjoy seeing all my weapon skins and when my man Grenadier, Raam, Kantus and others get snubbed I feel snubbed as-well.

Here are some more character’s who do not have pistols.

(Redfox888) #2

Because not everyone wants to see the pistol. The pistol showing is a fairly new concept to gears of war. It was not put in until 3 and then only 4 or 5 characters had it.

I think they should give us the option to toggle the pistol on or off for each character but that is a lot of code for just a customization option that may or may not get used. Thats alot more money the company has to spend to pay these guys to write all this code.

(GB6 Kazuya) #3


Anyhoo, I agree. I occasionally use Myrrah, RAAM & Theron Guards so I’ve noticed this. A bit of consistency wouldn’t go amiss.

(xValtiel) #4

Incorrect. I just booted up Gears 2 and took a look at the character models now.

Here’s a photo of Hoffman with his pistol to his thigh and

A picture of the Kantus with, again, pistol to the thigh. Funny enough the Kantus is also the same character with a missing pistol for Gears 4. I don’t have Gears 1 installed atm but i can almost guarantee they had a visible pistol. Also Gears 3 had pistols on everyone as well. It wasn’t just a few people like you claim.

At the end of the day it’s not the end of the world but TC’s reasoning for these are weird. I remember someone saying they did this as an artistic choice for certain characters but I still don’t know what that means. Regular V-Day Dizzy has his pistol but his BS variant doesn’t. Why is that? The model didn’t drastically change for this to happen. Same for Helmetless and Helmeted UIRs . There’s just a lack of consistency.

(Gigant0pithecus) #5

I like seeing the pistol rendered. Doesn’t matter if at the hip on the back of the waist. I seriously hope no one is complaining the pistol covers up their character’s ■■■, that might be the most pathetic bit of reasoning I’ve ever heard.


That’s about as pervy as you can get…

(Duffman GB) #7

Another for seeing the pistol. It feeds my OCD, likewise I have to have a matching weapon skin set of at least the starting weapons.