Pistol appearance on certain characters

This is a cosmetic issue, so i have the black steel uir elite and the phanton skins. Sadly the pistol isnt present on the hip or back. I know there a few characters out there like this. Any chance this will change? Its minor but its interesting that some dont display skins.


I think this is also an issue with other UIR character(s).

Its an issue with most small characters and alot of the esports ones

I know some that enjoy their characters without the pistol showing and some that want them too. I think a nice solution to this in the future would be an option in the settings to display your pistol on your back, side, or off entirely and have them set up in all 3 ways for each skin. That way the player can choose.

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Hi there!
This is actually a design decision.
I’m not sure of what, but the pistols aren’t there by design on certain characters :slight_smile:

Correct. This is a conscious design decision as some character designs don’t have space on the belt or leg for the weapon to be there.


The thing that very much annoys me are when the pistols are too big. They really need to address the issue. Certain weapons on many different characters are very slightly different, and they don’t matter at all really. But the snub pistol is always visible on the back at all times and it is incredibly bigger. Look at Flame Grenadier and Savage Kantus. Especially the SK who looks like he’s sagging his pants, pistol nearly touches the floor, they should’ve kept it off him like his BS variant, I don’t know why they added it in.

It makes sense for characters that lack the required equipment to holster a pistol. (The Imago for example has nothing :stuck_out_tongue:) I do question however why some design choices were changed when doing Black Steel Variants. Some characters have or don’t have a pistol holster but their Black Steel Variant either removes or adds one where it was or wasn’t before.

Good to know. I know it wasnt a bug just odd some have it and some didnt. Makes more sense now

There a a couple that make no sense with this issue though. Virtually nothing is changed when going from V Day Dizzy to Black Steel. Yet he has the pistol on his back in his regular skin but not on his BS form.

It’s artistic license, but yeah it bugs you if you like consistencies

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I think dizzy pistol should be put in the holster. They already have it there but it shows up on his back belt.

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Lol i just miss my phantom pistols skins on certain characters but as stated, its a decision, its theirs and i respect it. I just wish for consistency it was the same

old uir and helmetless uir. explain

Also this. I was just skimming through my characters and this just makes zero sense. This was a reply to the above comment. I’m figuring out how to quote still.

I think having a “hide weapons not in use” option would be pretty rad, made that suggestion in the old forums was hoping for it as some characters look weird with pistol and a secondary weapon and no armor to latch it too.

I agree for most of the character, but the helmetless UIR have the pistol, but the old one don’t.
Is it because the old version don’t have space as you mentionned , even if the holster is incorporated?

I ask an other question btw, the helmetless female uir have some modifications with her shoulders armor. Will these modifications be included for the BS UIR and the UIR with helmet?

I would be happy with this. Am i quoting? @WlLD_TlGER this would be a best of both worlds but i imagine this would take alot of work

Never noticed this, not sure if TC will bother…

100% support snub like savage kantus !! Invisible