Pink Phantom Skins

Is the gnasher the only skin out so far?

These skins have already been released in the past. They are now re-releasing some of the skins from time to time.


The Gnasher and long shot were given away on the EGL stream from Liverpool yesterday. It’s on today as well, stream starts 11am GMT I believe.

They are a nice set. I just can’t be bothered watching esports. It takes itself far too seriously and the commentators drive me nuts with their dudebro talk.
…as I say nice set though.


In all honesty, I want to see skins removed from esports streams. Because most people just there for the skins and nothing else. In chat, you cant read without seeing someone mentioning skin like every 2 minutes.

Plus its simply inflating viewership

Instead what they could do is award 2000 credit

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I don’t need the credits! I prefer the skins. I watch the stream regardless but it’s nice to get some free skins out of it!

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Then they should do poor looking skins or common skin cards. Obsessing over a skin set during a stream isnt good.

I agree, but I do like the cool skins like the syndrome. I didn’t even like the New Orleans ones and scrapped them after I got them. I think it’s kind of a good way to get people into the esports scene. I didn’t really watch or know that much about it until I found out I could get a skin from it. Now I really like watching them.

Any cool looking skins should be given through in game challenges, for esports this will be esports focused challenges.

It doesnt matter to me how they are obtained! Ido like the challenges lately and wish thy had this approach earlier in the game.