Pink Lancers for October

Great idea, as is the OP’s. I would love the phantom set, in lieu of that Sam and the Queen will be carrying pink weapons this month :+1:

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I will be using the standard pink one that we have on Tai and Myrrah

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Good to know! I’ll try & rock the pink phantom skins all month

I would only donate if,

(1) All of the money would actually go to support it, and not just a portion.
(2) If there is a 14 weapon skin package “including a emblem.”
(3) And I’m not saying that Lancer skin is bad. But one designed better with a “Pink Ribbon” or tiny ribbons.

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I’m down for it, it’s a great idea. If there’s any way to raise awareness for a serious cause then why not do it through this game? We have pink skins and can maybe get another. It doesn’t matter what gun colour you run in with, it’s the reason behind it that matters. The people who said “no” need to realise it’s for a cause not just to look pretty. I personally don’t care what camo I run into battles with on Gears of War 4 as it’s just a paint job type thing on your weapon. It doesn’t provide any use.

To those who said no, remember the cause not the colour. Furthermore, realise that if you don’t like the camo or don’t want to then don’t equip/purchase a pink camo (set)?

Let’s do it, not for the colour but for the large-scale illness that actually effects so many people!

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So… Who are they? Is that every Gears of War 4 player?

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No, the people are those who typed no on this topic. If you’re on about the people effected by cancer in any form, no, I never said that. But it’s a good thing to show support for a worthwhile cause, be it through reality or through a game, it goes to show how people are with those who suffer it, past present and future.

Besides, if people don’t want to that’s fine, it’s not for everyone is it. The point I’m wanting to express is that people would want to do it and some won’t as seen by this topic, that’s fine. But I for one will as it’s a worthwhile thing to do.

Oh and you got the speech part wrong… the only speech part was the word “no” everything else was a reply to it.

I am genuinely surprised with the backlash of Pink Lancers.


Full support for this idea from me and especially making a skin set available with proceeds going to research.

Overwatch did something similar with a Mercy skin and the response was incredible, they raised $12.7m with an additional $130k of Twitch donations!

Overwatch Breast Cancer Research

@TC_Octus, @anon86589457 is this possible?


Um… No. You did the typo, I quoted it, put the quotation marks around it, and made it italic. I Thought about changing the sentence so it would make sense when people read it, but decided to go with the typo in it that you actually made. And sense you want bring up my grammar. Go ahead and recheck your post. :wink:

The point of the idea is to raise awareness. You don’t raise awareness by donating directly. Also unfortunately there are many people who wouldn’t bother donating directly but WOULD buy a skin set in a video game. That’s just the way it is.

You do raise a good point though concerning where the money goes. I’d want to know full well it’s 100% going to the cause before I bought the skins.

I know how to do grammar and I’m not here to argue with you. If you actually read the sentence you’d notice I’m correct in how I did it.

‘The people who said no need to realise’

That’s a statement not speech. The speech is ‘no’ but I didn’t see the need to quotation mark is as it’s completely irrelevant. Let’s stop going on about petty things and look at the real thread reason. It’s not a case of I don’t believe ya, it’s a case of I know what I typed and that’s that. :smirk:

Oh and if you read the next paragraph or so it starts “to those who said no” which is a direct link to that. The sentence,

“No need to realise it’s for a cause and not just to look pretty.”

Or W/e makes no sense. I’m English born and bred and I’ve gone through all the necessary aspects to know how to put a sentence that makes sense together. :smirk:

In regard to donating directly. That’s fantastic, I donate directly, but there’s a greater power in a collective charitable effort. I’ve done fundraising via forums before and you’re able to influence people who otherwise might not get around to donating. It’s a beautiful thing. If TC needs any help I’ll donate my time as I have experience with this.


Alright no more grammar dissing.:fist_right::fist_left:If you’re right that means my post was too.

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thats a really cool idea :slight_smile: equipped a full pink load out. Would love to see the Dews do a purchasable pack would be a step in the right direction for them with all the negatives from micro transaction packs.


**Showing my support :slight_smile: **


Played yesterday, Sam had Pink Trooper loadout, Myrrah had Pink tribal loadout.:+1:


Uhmm. Why haven’t gears give me my gold lancer skin

You claim those yourself now.

Yea; only if it was there!! They pose to been gave out my shi a long time ago An still nothing

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