Pings are at an all time high

Pings in both ranked and quick play are all above 120. Playing people from Jamaica and Mexico.

This is unacceptable. What’s going on? Not one person was below 120. All gnasher shots were wonky weird, felt like I was playing in water.

It’s pointless to play this game right now. I was seeing my lancer bullets not even register.


Shots not registering? Check.

Ping over 120? Check.

Same old same old. That’s the problem when no one plays this game. Even on a low ping this game can be annoying to play.


I’m not even gonna try to play. I’m done for right now.

I just saw someone post that there’s an option now for quick search or more optimized? Does that rlly make a difference? Is it set to quick by default, that might be my problem.

Not really.

My friend and I searched with this active to best connection and we found many matches with 120ms and above pings.


Thatv flag is definitely broken.

It seems to work for me in ranked, and only in ranked.
Not really playing more than a few matches a day though. They are not exactly at peak times and I’ve been getting…OK lobbies, all under a hundred anyway.

Playing quickplay is such a poopshow that I am convinced the out of region bug is back.

Usually it works in ranked. Not for the past 2 days now have I been in a match where everyone wasn’t above 100. I’m always at bout 65 or 30. You’re right tho quick play is worse most of the time.

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Yesterday in Horde, Del had got a ping over 1000! :open_mouth:

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That is not good.I had assumed that I was just being lucky.

Quickplay MM is just a mess again. I’m either on us servers or their on eu servers.
I am convinced the out of region bug is back there.

Had the funniest game I joined where the whole other team was u.s players arguing with the eu ones, saying that we shouldn’t be on the u.s server. Despite us having sub 10ms pings and all of them being in the hundreds.

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I had one of those in my game chat the other day. It was complaints about looking at each others pings going all over the place. So much fun. we should not even be having this issue AND especially not in ranked.

I have not tried switching my preference to search longer for a connection tho. I also have pc cross play disabled, so maybe I’ll try that…but right now I’m just not feeling it. Game is infuriating at the moment, not to mention how bad the gnasher gib range is and it making it feel like the roll of a dice. It’s not a good mixture.

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The fact that ping doesn’t really make that much off a difference (even though it should) shows there is under lying issues with the netcode.

The other day I played a game where everyone had more or less the same ping 15-30, however the game felt very sluggish. I’d take shots on my screen and on kill cam the shot hadn’t even come out. Had the classic walk up to an enemy, point blank shot in the back of the head only for them to walk forward do a 180 and gib me.

I honestly feel multiplayer should be left out the next gears (not that they will) as they just can’t get it right and it’s not a fun experience playing it when 8 out of 10 games you play there such huge inconsistencies.

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The game is terrible. I’m giving up on this garbage. Pings every match over 100 and it feels AWFUL. Walls are twice as magnetic sticking to everything.

I’ve never seen a triple A game function so badly. When the game is stable connection wise it feels great. But every game now is crap. It’s not worth the time. I’d rather be doing something productive.

This game IS BAD.