Ping Why it alway cause problems here?

High or low ping,good or bad ping,so what’s the deal with ping?

Hahaha! I asked the exact same thing last year…

This is the first thread I ever made on here. It’s special to me😂


How do people get such high ping? Mine is at level 6 and i thought that was the max.

Ping above 0 causes there to be extreme BS in this game. Shooting, seeing blood and your full spread hit them, but getting 0%. Stuff like that. Even on 30 ping lol.

IMO higher ping is strictly a disadvantage, especially in Comp. Lower ping is always ideal. Some level of BS will happen no matter what the pings are, but lower ping will reduce the BS.

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Agreed but the exception is when someone in the lobby has a high fluctuation ping. In this case the lower ping has a much more difficult time reacting to anything even if the difference between the battling players is 20ms vs 50ms.

That’s something that needs to be addressed in Gears 5. The amount of ridiculousness a single player with a high fluctuation can cause is insane.


I’m eagerly awaiting the Gears 5 BETA to see if the ping issue has been solved. Yes I realize it will only be a BETA, but hopefully it shows me a clear picture that this issue was taken into consideration and addressed from all the Gears 4 complaints regarding it. Unfortunately, I am highly skeptical at this point and in the back on my mind I truly believe that Versus in Gears 5 will be nothing more than a direct port of all the updates that took place during the Gears 4 life cycle, except with new maps and a new game mode or two thrown in for good measure.


Ping is only one part of the multifaceted issue when it comes to the consistency or lack of consistency in the game… It just happens to be one that is easily displayed by high or low value… You can’t give a value to the net code, or the server that it’s running on etc… There will always be high/low ping values, there is no way around that… Speed of internet, location of servers, infrastructure of the telecommunications where you live… It’s not so much the ping, but how the game is programmed to deal with it…

I would love for the game to be consistent 100% of the time, however it’s not… It never has been… It’s Gears… :slight_smile:

The above posts do a great job of describing the issue on the high level ,let me give you a very specific example:

imagine you and an opponent are on the opposite corners of a small square box type low cover . Say like, if you’re familiar with maps, the boxes at the shock points on Foundation.

You are both ready to rush the other, but are waiting for the perfect moment.

Say you decide to rush out.

So you come out cover, run along the edge, and fire as soon as you see the other person’s head visible.

Now, what happens here, that ping is relevant.

When you start moving, your xbox sends that data to the server. The server will then send that data to the opponents xbox. The opponent’s xbox will then render it.

So your opponent will have to wait at least your ping plus his ping before he gets any indication that you are pushing him. Then he will have to react - a delay still (but independent of ping).

So you, as the attacker, will have your ping + his ping + his reaction time to run up to him and kill him, before he can do ANYTHING. So if either of you has a high ping (or both), the battle can be over before the defender even is shown that you are attacking.

I don’t believe that in such a situation it makes a difference who has the high ping… In a high ping situation person moving first will have the advantage. Well, in ANY ping situation that will happen, but if the advantage is 20ms, that’s not as a big of a deal as when the advantage is a full second…

So big ping BAD, it causes issues in the game… The game is designed with low latency in mind, where delays caused by network delays aren’t significant, over reaction times, TV input lag, etc…

When those network delays are hugely greater and especially irregular, the game play really suffers…