Ping problems fix it!

Why is it that when someone comes in with 200 ping they are invincible? Is that the new thing I should ask comcast for ■■■■■■ internet to compete with these kids? Anyone else?

Haha, I had to deal with a 450ms ping all match tonight. Spongebob wouldn’t stand a chance against this guy and of course he was from that country with what’s known to be very fine internet; MEXICO.


Can we ban these people from ranked play already? No one wants to play with them and every match you try and force it on me. Enough already… I don’t quit out of matches but I’m close to quitting this game for good if you continue to pair me with Mexico players.


Deleting because high pings can’t handle the truth.

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So I just played a koth match and the other teams pings were around 300 the whole time for the 1st round the game was just rubber banding everywhere then it comes back and this dude was just unstoppable. Point blank gnashers for 31% repeated the whole game like that. The dude 3 shotted me from one end of the middle bridge in canals I’m done with koth lol

It’s nothing new and it’s definitely nothing TC believes requires immediate attention. I made a forum post about a month or two ago about the implementation of a ping filter. It is absolutely crucial to have such a thing in a game like Gears. High ping matches are awful.

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Should group players:









Players with ping above 150 should not be allowed to play. They should take responsibility for their actions and not play at all. They see their large ping values and still play the game knowing they are ruining the experience for the 9 other players in the lobby.

I had internet problems for several days, I tried various things to fix my ping spikes getting to over 300ms every few minutes. I took responsibility and DID NOT PLAY until I called Suddenlink and had them fix my connection. Others should do the same. “I can’t afford good internet” or “I live too far away from a server” are not valid excuses for ruining 9 other players’ experience because you want to be selfish.

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To be fair it’s not always their fault the game throws them into a further out server. If a European player ends up on American servers it’s not the players fault if they’re searching without a US player in their party. The culprit here is the matchmaking and that needs to be addressed. But if the player is actually on their local server such as a Mexico player on USA then yes the game should recognize their ping is unstable and unfit for any server and force them into Social until they address their issue. If they’re unable to fix their ping issue to their home server then either pair them with other like pings or not at all. As you said it’s not fair to everyone else when you pair these high ping game breakers into a match. It’s like an unintentional hack that breaks things.

The culprit may also be LFG players.
“Diamonds only”.
“Onyx 3+ and above” and so on.
How do they figure if each other are on different regions, before partying up as stacked team?

I’m just getting back into gears again and already seeing people with 900ping. 900? I play with people literally on the other side of the world from me and we get under 300. how there is no cut off is unbelievable.

I always forget how spongy gears can be and already getting sick of rubber banding because some else has an unstable ping.

i swear i’ve got a headache from gritting my teeth.

This certainly doesn’t help and it’s why I always tell my friends I won’t do LFG for Ranked. I see too many videos he takes show his teammates pinging at 300ms and I won’t deal with this type of lag. This is why Gears 5 needs a strict filter option so I can avoid enemy teams bringing in these 300-1100ms players.

To the guys and developers I’m tired of playing on Mexico server the opponents are soar loser and constantly send me hate mail I live on the eastern seaboard and I would like to play people in this area there pings are awful very awful ever since season 4 rankings came out it’s nothing but problems please fix immediately or I will destroy gow4 and give you bad reviews for the game thank you very much

Mexico doesn’t have a server ,that would change EVERYTHING …They get thrown on to US east or west usually ,and we have to accept that…
I would much rather play with players from UK/CAN/ect… than to have any from the other regions south of the US ,they just don’t have the proper internet for online gaming …


I think it will not change bro… we all know it.
Even when your ping is equal with players from the oponent team, you can get lag… one man stadin’up like an I, no moves, no skill, 3 bullets (extra reloaded) get a 60%, and get shoted with just one.:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:
Even when you play vs players from rhe same country it s×××s