Ping Parameters and Region locks

It has become fairly apparent, at least imo, that having too large a spread connection speed wise in match making forces the lag comp to, “work too hard”. That is strictly based off general observations and communicating with lots of players. Regardless of what is causing problems w/match quality, it is Obvious that the closer everyone is regards their ping speeds, the better the game performs. Which then makes the multiplayer experience a lot more enjoyable. That being said I wanted to throw the idea out there for 3 groupings regards RANKED matchmaking connection speeds and stability that I think would solve a lot of the issues people have complained about. Lag…hit reg…rubber banding…teleporting…ghost shots…etc etc.

1)Stable ping speeds of 1 ms up to 80ms should always and only be grouped togethor.

  1. Stable ping speeds of 81ms up to 150 ms should always and only be grouped togethor.

3)Stable speeds over 150ms up to 200 ms should be grouped togethor.

Region locks should be a priority as well. People should not be routed out of their closest server unless absolutely necessary. (I also think a dedicated server for Mexico would help a lot). If your ping is higher than 150 ms when being routed to to your nearest data center, you probably dont have the internet.quality needed to play a competitive online multiplayer. Really 100 ms should be the standard minimum threshold to your nearest data center…but thats just my opinion.

4)Ping that is over 200 ms, and/or is unstable and wildly fluctuating. Should only be allowed to que in QUICKPLAY lobbies. And im saying that solely based on assuming that TC doesnt want to tell anyone no. Imo we have reached a point where people want to game “seriously” and should demand and expect a level of consistency and match quality. W/internet speed availability being what it is now, its not unreasonable to have a minimum threshold. I know everyone who wants to play Gears multiplayer thinks they should be able to play no matter what. I say I would love to run the Daytona 500 myself, but Nascar isn’t gonna let me enter and run my 2003 Chevy Tahoe. People that unfortunately can’t acquire the minimum speeds necessary to compete in verses shouldn’t be thrown into matches to the detriment of everyone elses match quality. You can play the campaign, or you can play arcade/QUICKPLAY., or custom Horde. But it doesn’t put the majority of verses players best interest at the forefront when, just b/c they, “want to play” , someone is teleporting around the map Insta downing you b/c you never even saw them coming. And you can’t hit them b/c where you are aiming isnt really where they are. And now your glitching out too b/c the server is struggling with people that are in 2 different times of space.


1ms up to 80 ms??? No way buddy. I would say 1ms up to 40 ms would be fair and balanced. Everything over 40ms is an advantage for that Player.


@eiskaltwiefeuer. I agree w/that. Just don’t think there is a large enough player base for groupings that tight…at least that is what believe TC would say.

I think the player base being small is the biggest challenge right now. TC has to compensate for the people filling in other regions because there just isn’t enough players at any given time. I would love to see more region locked games but I think in turn we would have extremely long wait times and ain’t nobody got time for that.

I Don t know If we really got that small playerbase. There are no numbers which we can rely on. But it would a try worth to separate lobbys/matchmaking by pings. I think a lot of People would Return. I would wait a few minutes more for a balanced Match

The problem is region locking. I fell that you shouldnt be playing outside of your dedicated server unless you are in Europe or America and even then that is limited to another European or American server respectively. Yes likes to blame Mexico and every other country south of the border but American’s have a lot of European’s playing with them as well. I firmly believe it should be region locked except by invite only and even then whoever has the most players on one server that server takes precedence. The whole fiasco of not dedicating a server for the southern countries and not dedicating one for European is what crashed this franchise. I dont know who is responsible for that, whether it was a call on Microsoft or TC’s decision. It doesn’t help that many of the fanbase went back to Gears 4. So you have a split fanbase between 4 and 5 at the moment and many people would just rather walk away from Gears altogether than to play 5. I wanted to play Gears 5, but i don’t want to support a game that is trash. Ping’s should not be above 50 at max.

@RedNightmare88 @eiskaltwiefeuer @AmusedSKEETER
I dont think the player base is super small. Maybe not fortnite size, but not tiny. It really is perplexing to me that Mexico, with the amount of players that support the game, doesn’t have a dedicated server. Im with you on wondering who and why That call was made. It can’t be that expensive relatively to route ip’s to a different data center…And lastly, at some point, people are gonna need to be “nudged” off 4 . can’t support both forever. With 6 coming at some point. If they wanna allow private servers…then do that.

I don’t disagree that certain places should have their own servers and it would be a massive help with ping. To me Mexico if they don’t should have servers more locally. The only problem I see with the dedicated servers again is the dwindling player base. I love the game but even I have started steering away with the issues that have arisen throughout Gears 5.

Here’s the rationale behind no Mexico server:
Mexicans are forced to connect to a server 2,000 miles away.
They get a ping of 80ms at best.
The game’s netcode favors these high pings.
The Mexican player experiences better hit detection, less sticky walls, fewer firing delays, bullets that aren’t made of rubber, etc. than their opponents who have 40ms or better ping.
The Mexican player has an enjoyable gaming experience and probably wins the match and ranks up.
Thus a Gears fan is born.
The game’s popularity in Mexico and its idiosyncratic, unfair netcode are directly related

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Maybe a new fan in mexico is born but it comes at the expense of your American Player base.

Something they need to do is install the server For Central and South America in Panama City Panama. Panama City itself is equal to any city in America as a far as not being as a third world country. Although its traffic is horrendous if there is a crash in front of you.

Anyway Yes the Playerbase is on the decline. Just look at how many people are on the Forum here. Gears 5 was a dumpster fire and had an atrocious launch. It was thee worst launch I can ever remember. Horrendous wait times. etc. That killed it. In today’s society first impression is the last impression. and with the gaming industry as advanced as it is today. you can’t have a ■■■■■■ launch. Not only did TC and microsoft “■■■■ the Pooch” on this one, they impregnated it and are now stuck with the child support payments after the fact.

I will admit i haven’t played Gears 5 in about a month. Before that it was a few months. I just don’t want to support a game that is trash. I’m sorry. I feel like the franchise is dead. There is a massive crater where the brain was, and right now the rest of the body is slowly shutting down. Gears 4 has atrocoius pings and right now my character doesnt perform the actions I command it to. like run forward, no we are gonna run backwards. Shoot now, nope imma gonna wait till after the guy is out of my shot group. But would rather play that than play 5. People are getting nudged away from Gears 4. But they are going to different franchises entirely.