Ping or servers

Idk what it is but has anyone else ever noticed it’s not just ping causing issues…yes 100+ ping players even if just one can cause a lot of inconsistencies with the match itself but… it seems even in lobbies where I’m not at my normal 15-30 ping and everyone is roughly equally around 60-80 that some people are still bulletproof … people that I know for a fact I’ve hit 3times only says I hit them 1 time for 11% let alone the amount of point blanks that just say I never fired a round or clipped them at all for any percentage… wondering if it’s just me or are others aware that ur either a gears god or ur a gears flunkie depending on the server the lobby connects to regardless of how you switch up playstyle


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Do you have a video of you hitting your enemies 3 times while it only registers once?

If they were actually going to address any of this I’d be happy to share clips of all sorts of incredible sponging. There’s YouTube vids from other players I can even link them to. It’s bad enough that a couple weeks ago I rolled grenades right up to an enemy’s feet with no kill (one was even down).
The issues are real. There’s just been no explanation or sign of concern from the developer despite it growing worse and that’s why people are frustrated.


My issues are documented here:

But there are so many times where I have to do a double take when I can see that all my pellets land up close and I they sponge the shot - only for 77% or something to come up.

Also, when they are running or ducking - it can throw the game off I feel.


I make clips all the time to educate myself as to what I am doing wrong. It’s taught me a ton and has improved my gameplay. It’s also shown me glaring flaws in the game. Some of them are so blatant a popular Gears YouTuber included them in his recent Gears 5 retrospect.


I’ve learnt that lag comp can vary so much from game to game depending on players pings and this means adjusting slightly or quite a lot as to how far in advance you shoot.

To the point where I didn’t realise someone’s ping had spiked and I was shooting slightly ahead as normal and my shots were so delayed - me being 5-8ms ping - until I realised this and I had to predict in advance to get a consistent gib.

But then up close to the point where my shotgun is touching them and they still sponge makes me double take each and every time and think I’m going crazy because I’ve iust point blanked someone and they walk through you like nothing happened.


The “downed but not taking damage” enemies are always great. I wonder if that is a server or game thing?


I’ve put a fair amount of Lancer fire into some downed enemies and they’ve sometimes survived too - it’s extremely annoying and inconsistent.


My friend was streaming last week when I threw a nade into the room where he had just downed someone. I apologized for taking his kill but when he nade went off it didn’t kill the down. Even though it rolled right up against it. :smile:
Everyone was asking each other WTF just happened. The game is so broken sometimes.

It still amazes me that there are players who question whether sponging exists.


Either trolling or a danger to humanity :laughing:

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Gotta love it when u both damage each other for 100% but he gets downed and u die


This. TC is so ignorant of their own game and the hit detection problems. TC_OCTUS even during a livestream sponged shots several times and he didn’t realize it. Unfortunately because I just called him out on it I’ll likely get a ban because he’s blind.


See I don’t need my own footage bruh there’s plenty out there with 3 shots one counts…enwmy down shot won’t kill them…spngefest city just depends on what lobby u get put in

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The percentage given on gnasher damage has felt like a lottery pull for quite some time. It’s quite unpredictable most of the time, but just try and adapt to the circumstances of the current match I’m playing.

Or they are “campaign only” type of players.

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I have had this a whole lot. Does anyone know how many reg vs active rounds it takes to kill a dnbo? Sometimes I feel I put 5 and they are finished. Other times it’s the rest of the clip that I downed then with and still not done. All rounds hitting.

The moment people point out links, and offer video, you disappear

That’s fantastic for the users here, who can now see your dedicated customer service skills…



yes, I’ve noticed problems in games where all pings are under 200ms over the past few nights. I played 4 social matches tonight and they all played terribly for me. I had around 20ms ping. A player with 110ms ping was teleporting like crazy. One game froze for about 30 seconds but came back.
I had zero fun playing this game tonight.
I finally quit in the middle of a match when I noticed a player had 910ms ping.

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I’ve had games feeling ‘off’ recently with all players around 20 or 30 ping but on Death Cam I see people teleporting. Even one Match all but one of the Oppo Quit (thinking less demanding to process the game) but I was teleporting with a ping around 20 to 30. Go to pick up Boom on Gridlock and then find myself down near the cars about 5 meters (?) away. A lot of people shooting me while not aiming at me.

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Call me psychic but somehow it appears to me that the only working part of this game soon will be, the packs store. And nothing else.