Ping of Rank Match

Two hundred pings can’t do anything at all. Such high Ping has experienced it dozens of times. Ranking matches are for countries with low ping levels.
TC wants to fix this unfair ping.
I can’t play these unfair games anymore.

It is very, very, stupid when MM puts you out of region. We had this problem in the EU for ages, so hope they fix this for your region at some point too. TBF quickplay still has the issues for us.

At least the ping range wasn’t to bad.

Try being a 1-3 ping playing agianst these high pings


Yea. I have 1 ping. Going against a team of 100 plus pings. It’s like fighting 5 Bruce Lee’s! They are untouchable!


Im in uk and i get put into laggy lobbies where i apparently have 20 ping but i start teleporting and stuff
Not to mention the constant gnasher not shooting glitch where i clearly press rt but it just doesnt want to shoot

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This is why I prefer a 20-45 range. It’s mid level to compete against both low and higher pings.

Only game I know of that I don’t want a 5 ping in.

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Oh lord those pings. I bet that was a complete ■■■■ show