Ping is the worst move in Gears History!

Why does Ping exist? Players get an extreme advantage and move like ghosts!!! I pay for excellent internet and when I see a player Pinging at 115 or 227 and has 14 kills and 1 death then says I’m trash…That’s excuse my language but F’d up…plus if I say anything like your internet sucks I’m wrong. Is there any way to avoid this because it’s across all playing platforms…I’m frustrated and I do not like it… please give positive advice…Thank you.

Ping exists when playing online via the internet.

The only way to avoid this is by playing LAN.

In Gears, the lag comp is what gets overly excited when someone with a high ping enters the game and even worse if they are fluctuating quite a lot.

In a normal game, the higher your ping, the more you suffer.

No in Gears!

I hope they sort this out for 5.




I agree they should do away with the ping and that will hopefully make everything better!!!

But you know that there is ping in every single online multiplayer game? Some games tell you the ping/connection via a bar(red,yellow,green) and some games, f.e. Gears 4, tells you the ping by numbers.

Like Envii said, you cant avoid ping in multiplayer games. Only on LAN everyone has a 0 ping cause the server is local.

The ping gets higher if you are farer away from the server you are playing on.

For example: You are from England(Europe) and play on EU server. You get a ping from 5-50. You play on US server, you have a higher ping which would be around 80-120. Indian people play on EU and usually have a high ping above 140. This ping makes them laggy and spongy in Gears 4.

Some people have bad ping not because they are far away from the server, but because they have cheap internet. Ping is the most important thing when it comes to online gaming. You can have a ultra high download and upload speed but if your ping is not good and you have packet loss your high upload and download doesnt mean anything.

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@III_EnVii_III pings at 60ms to US East and he’s from the UK. That’s better than any Mexico player on ANY server.

Insanity I tell ya.


But I’m the one not able to join US East :+1:

QoS clearly working :v:

We played a squad of Mexicans yesterday who were all above 100ms with spikes to 1100ms. They talked so much crap and with my 5-10ms ping it was unplayable. I was teleporting, sticking to walls, shots not going off and other nonsense. They killed me when I was behind them.

Dudes like “■■■■ idiot I have 20mbps”. Like oh wow, a whole 20mbps DSL that’s likely running at 1Mbps? I responded with “I had a solid stable 20mbps in 2001. I have 940Mbps now. Your connection sucks”.


You just need good netcode and a fair Lag Comp.

High pingers and fluctuating players shouldn’t be able to enter a lobby and make it feel like you’re playing through mud.

It also shouldn’t throw off everyone else’s shots.

So, like every other game I’ve played online, low pingers should not be punished for having a low ping and high pingers rewarded.

Because I don’t know how anyone gets Diamond 5 with a 150-250ms ping!

It should be almost impossible to play at a high level with this ping - not in Gears though.


Their solution was to place a larger negative impact on stable low pings so that the high fluctuation players could play without getting demolished constantly. The issue is that the lower your ping was the worse your experience would become. Basically, with a 5ms ping, I am experiencing the glitching that the 100-1100ms spiker should be.

How does reversing the effects make sense?

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Favourite response in this thread goes to you my friend.


This same stuff has been said forever…hopefully they fix it for 5

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Can someone explain this one to me I have a hard time sleeping sometime so I get on and play a round of escalation I end up in a European server my ping 125-150 the other people in the room 25 30 35 straight props to Europeans just for using your mics I asked where am I what server European this guy responds I’m thinking 2 myself I’m screwed this is going to be a terrible game on the contrary it was a great gameI placed second on my team but we lost the match
Now here in the states my ping Will run from 39 to 59 and I’m playing with Mexico and I’ll be damned if I can’t kill anybody I end up placing last it is just a terrible experience doesn’t happen all the time but a lot

The problem with Mexican connections is the majority of them tend to fluctuate often which causes inconsistencies. The way the game was programmed creates sponging and teleportation when these players have pings that constantly fluctuate. If a ping is high but stable the issues don’t really exist.

This is the main reason so many, myself included, have asked time and time again for Mexico to be on their own server. If their country won’t push for better network infrastructure than there is no reason we should play with them.


It’s too early for this rubbish. Ping have always existed! Jesus Christ.

The problem is as it’s always been, by high ping players getting unfair advantages…which leads to them thinking they’re a cut above everyone else.


You cannot do away with ping. That’s how online internet play works. Its basic peer to server connection. You CAN place high ping fluctuating players in lobbies designed for unstable connections. Gears does not do this. Play halo sometime, those dudes cant even move. The way it should be. Gears caters to those kind of connections so the vast majority of wireless/bad connection players will join up.

Those people need to be put in there own lobbies. Been saying this forever. Although in a way if they did I’m pretty sure that lobby would crash lol. I sometimes think they put them in with stable users to keep the match working somewhat. I’d love to see a video of a whole game of spikers.

20-30. Good kills
40-60 you’re gonna die nothing registers
70-90 depending on the lobby you can be a tank
90-100+ please turn off netflix and fortnite

When I play solo I get the 20-30 range and it’s fun. With friends in midwest usa usually 40-60 and I have to work way harder at everything. Unfortunately for koth with such a low player base you need a stack going in there onyx or above. 5 looks that way so far too. Watch how much people are gonna camp those power weapons with a respawns timer on them now too.

A few things to keep in mind in gears versus: lag comp does a number on the game. One thing I liked about gears is everyone has the same guns so it should be an even playing field. Should be. Then theres lag comp. Some of the spikes become 2 frames ahead cause the game has no idea where they are, literally. Goin down in 2 lancer bullets? It’s how the game was coded. Ask them not me.

Mods, look up evil controllers sometime. Master mod etc. Ever play a team where you can see the guys gnasher follow you hipfiring but his body doesnt move. Not hardaiming? That’s called target correction mod. These people will never tell yah, but it’s real. Look it up.

Input lag. A few people I play with occasionally have extremely expensive monitors and their frame rate is real time. Its PC of course. They’re in real time where as me on console even on 1 x with gig connection, I think timed against PC am 4 seconds behind compared to them.

In alot of ways diamond and higher tiers I see as reserved as who spent the most money. You dump 3000 into a 60 dollar game you’re gonna have some advantages. I know a console player who got diamond 1 but it took ALOT of tricks, team switches and manipulation in a sense to get it. I’m happy in my low onyx.

4 is so dead man the skill gap is huge, the connections are awful and 5s almost here. Hopefully they fix the lag issues. But i see long time gears fans playing 5 for a year, shelving it with the ping baloney and back to where we are now in 4. Who knows though could be wrong. You’re not alone. Most of us are sick of the poor coding.

I agree with most of what you say but two things:

Everyone is rendering real time, console and PC.

PC can just have more frames per second - to smooth the picture. Not every PC can do this.

You are in no way shape of form 4 seconds behind.

At a max, you are talking 10-30ms.

Console eSports Monitors exist too and they are not expensive.

This is definitely not true.

A good 70-80% of my friends list are Xbox and they are almost all Diamonds.

There are some young players on OG Xbox One with a standard TV and hitting Diamond.

I’ve got Xbox Friends who have hit D5 multiple times. Some guys can go brand new account to D5 in 3 days.

The fact that I can’t even get matches to get Diamond tells you something :sweat_smile:

Money on PC is for better graphics and a smooth picture.


That’s not to say 60FPS isn’t smooth if you haven’t seen better.

It’s just, once you’ve seen better, it’s very hard to go back.

But on the whole, I agree with the rest of the content :+1:

Being Onyx Rank still puts you too 25% of players.

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@III_EnVii_III maybe I’ll look into a monitor if there are cheaper ones out there. I dont like using a credit card man but a couple hundred would be reasonable cash wise. I dont buy stuff I dont have the cash for in a short amount of time unless its property or a vehicle.

If they can hit d5 on console must be really good. I do believe people who use modded console stuff are never gonna admit to it, but some are just really good.

PC just seems smoother in everyway. I think the movements better tbh. I’ve watched dudes bounce and just boost forward with a gnasher on PC controller and thought man that looks good. Who knows maybe someday.

I’m happy in onyx couple games here and there. More ready to play 5 than anything. 4 is kinda mehhhh these days to me. Need somethen fresh. You guys are good. I got smashed and I mean annihilated worst player in the game 9 kills bad at everything last night and it threw me back at onyx 1 from being gold 3. I played beyond awful. Never figure that ranking system out.

Just keep playing with my group of friends and you’ll only get better. You have some skills there bud. Just takes time and practice to master them.

I’m sure you can get eSports Monitors for $100-$200 made for the Xbox One.

Sure, I’m positive some will but I’ve got friends who don’t, they run standard Xbox One on a regular TV.

Skill and Game IQ will always end up being the ultimate decider - or else every PC player running good hardware would play like OpTic / TOX :wink:

I’ve yet to see more than 1-2 PC players who have better, more fluid movement than some of my Xbox friends.

A lot of movement montages are from Xbox players.

Practice - understand what you did, where you could have done better and then try and put that into practice.

But I agree, 3 years on, we need something different and fresh.

Gears 5 will help refresh everyone back on a level playing field so should be good :+1:

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