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Ping filter? - can we say please let us join games with sub 50 pings on all players?

(d b0nes) #1

I sometimes get put in lobbies where my ping is 100+ and everyone else is above 60, some above mine. at these higher pings it really feels like the lag compensation algorithm runs into overdrive and it all becomes a bit of a flip a coin if we hit or miss.

can we add an option to try an not put us on a match where everyone has silly pings?

IE and option to say please put us on a match with sub 50 on all players.

(Krylon Blue) #2

Haha, no kidding man. It becomes a total crap shoot.

What’s worse is those who always play with a high ping. They become so used to the slight delay while it feels different every second for low pings. So their at an advantage in the 80-150ms range which is frustrating.

…I love/hate this stupid game.

(I Pwn Everybody) #3

Totally agree!

This weekend I had a run of like 6 100-200 ping games in a row and it almost unplayable. Had to quit mid-game and stopped altogether for a while.

Tried again later, got a game with about 10 ping, nobody else above like 30, and it was so smooth, it felt so awesome to play and I’d almost forgptten what that was like!

There aren’t too many games to find, so long wait times could be an issue, but honestly once my ping is above about 80 I’d rather not even be playing. So I’m all for a filter!

(Krylon Blue) #4

80ms has delays but man I’m telling you shots register far better than when I have a 15ms and the enemy is 80ms+. I can’t stand playing on a low ping against a high ping warrior. They’re basically cheating because on my screen they’re at point A but on theirs their really at point b so I’m shooting air.

I say this from experience. I’ve played with a 90ms ping before and it was the best hit detection I’ve ever seen.

(I Pwn Everybody) #5

You might be right. I’ve been playing Gears since the start, but I don’t fully understand the technical side. I get shots that I think should land but don’t, but can’t tell what causes it and don’t use the Gnasher nearly as much as most long time players. I just clearly notice delays.

I can explain away bad hit detection so it doesn’t overtly bother me. But delay is immediately noticeable and annoying as hell.

(Krylon Blue) #6

If you don’t always experience the delay it would be annoying. The reason so many high ping warriors do so well is because they’re used to the delay. The way the game is programmed it makes them sponges but they are able to one shot you despite them being way out of 1% damage range (clear misses).

(Krylon Blue) #7

Another game. More cheaters. Tons of teleporting and sponging going on. Why am I playing against these ping manipulators again?

(I Pwn Everybody) #8

Ohhhh, ok. That makes sense!

(Goodacre) #9


this is a good way to get 15min+ matchmaking times

(Krylon Blue) #10

Waiting 15 minutes > every match being a teleporting fueled sponge fest.

(dv8njoe) #11

Im ■■■■■■■ done w this game. Stepped away for a month and this ■■■■ is still ■■■■■■. I ping less than 30 every match, match me w 90-150+ pings from Mexico or SA. ■■■■■■■ TC cant get MM right. My once fave series is total crap now. I miss playing w my friends for hours on the previous gears games, but all of them left this game due to how ■■■■■■ it is.

I want to know how I can match w players that constantly spike over 700 and they are still here. Im on cable internet. 400dl/200ul 10-30ms and no packet loss. Hard wired into modem and Xbox. Just a piss poor execution.

(dman1962) #12

throwing my own 2 cents in I’m not a very good player old and a bum hand but I love the game and have always wondered if mexico has gears of war as a subject in school because i have to bust my butt always when playing against them. I am always geared down to a 32 ping.

(PinkishAndrew) #13

Sorry for being in Australia where the government failed with the rollout of Fibre to everyone.

(Krylon Blue) #14

That’s an unfortunate thing and you as a player shouldn’t be penalized by being unable to play with others. However, the other players shouldn’t be negatively affected by your higher ping which unfortunately is the case here. The Coalition failed to take action and now it’s either play with everyone and suffer or filter the bad pings out.

The dilemma is real.

(Omen LP) #15

I sometimes play with someone from the west coast of AU, he usually has a 250ms ping. Honestly I’ve never really noticed it affecting me negatively… As was mentioned by few people in the past, it feels like the wide variation in the ping from Mexican players is the issue, vs just the raw number…

I am 15ms to north east, and about 60ms to south west servers, if the games are filled with people with stable connections, I don’t really feel a difference between those 2 extremes …

(d b0nes) #16

please vote this up if you agree, let TC know that this may be something that we are interested in testing out