Ping and server's

Are there EU and US server’s, and if yes, why is this stupid game putting me in US server’s? And is ping working in this game? Or they are just numbers to displaying for fun?

There are both US and Europe servers. Pings are not just random numbers but actual readings of the time in milliseconds it takes the information to get to where it needs to be. If you’re being placed into a server further away it’s likely because the game is unable to find a suitable match within your own region so it expanded. However, depending how high, this game actually benefits you if you’re around 80-120ms so enjoy it while you can. :sweat_smile:

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The numbers are real man, just like that number that tells you how long it estimates you’re gona be searching for a game, numbers don’t lie

NA region and I just waited for over 15min looking for a Arms Race game with no results.

the games population seems to be on its last legs. need to search for Social or TDM to play. it’s crazy to this this franchise has an esports scene with this player population issue.

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King of the Hill is the most populated as far as I know. TDM is in second.

Who searches for Arms race?

Oh yea

No one


Props for the server pic

That nice

Which is why I’m quite surprised they even brought it back.