Picture of Cole and Carmine in gears 5?

Ive been trying to distinguish who these characters are. Now the guy on the left could be a regular cog soldier or the next carmine, but is the guy on the right Cole? At first i thought it might be Del, but his build and facial features look like cole.

Del is one. No idea on the other.

U sure ? I know its a bad pic but it looks like he has a grey beard.

Just my humble opinion. Too much hair for an older Cole.

Maybe a new character?

it’s the design for a COG gear and Del it seems. They are supposed to be older and the pic is a bit pixely, I remember seeing a design for COG gears for escape and the helmets and chest piece look similar

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I think that’s the new Cog Gear/NCOG and an older Del
This btw was the photo.

It’s definitely not Cole, more likely to be Del. I’m more interested in the middle character though, possibly a Swarm variant of the Theron Guard? One can hope @III_EnVii_III

IS THAT PADUK? If so, nice.

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Looks like Del and maybe some kind of Theron.

The Gear could be a Carmine, variant of Onyx Guard or just a standard Gear.

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Yes, it’s Paduk confirmed.

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It looks like new COG gear, Gilded RAAM, Del.

If Therons don’t exist and Swarm Hunters use Torque Bow. Then no point in Therons. They probably turned to Scions already,

I hope that we only have the Carmines as helmeted COG characters this game. Kind of defeats the purpose of their characters if we also have generic COG Gear and helmetless generic Gear.

Also, if that is Paduk, how’s he alive still? He was like 600 years old in Judgment, damn!

If you pretend Paduk was around similar age to Baird and Cole, then there you go. Both Baird and Cole still around in Gears 4 to 5. I’d like to see if there’s a reunion.

Paduk was surely older? Baird and Cole would have been much younger given that Judgment was set shortly after E-Day - somewhere in their early to mid 20s. Paduk seemed about 15-20 years older.

So like comparing Hoffman. I wasn’t 100% sure about age. But even Hoffman seems alive. So could Paduk.

Yes, but the character selection image of Paduk looks younger than what I would have expected. I’m just wondering if this is a case of Versus mode where it mixes characters from lots of different timeframes and isn’t strictly canon.

That Cog gears kind of resembles recruit Clayton. The other one seems to resemble Cole, but it’s not him. Perhaps he has a son?
Paduk’s face injury looks rather fresh, perhaps he’s from a campaign chapter that takes part in the past? As by the time of Gears 5’s storyline, he should be about as healthy as Hoffman.

Paduk looks older due to all his scars and hard living, notice all the ■■■■ that he suffered to before we even meet him in Judgement

Also just to add that the image is not from the Campaign - it’s from Versus - the original image shows a ring - so either Escalation or KOTH (or a new ring-capture-based mode?) so don’t take the images as being reflective of the Gears 5 campaign canon. The frozen enemy could easily be a Locust even though in the campaign present day they are dead / evolved into Scions - this factor is irrelevant.