Pick Me Up Achievement not unlocking

I beat the game w\o gnasher or lancer on Hardcore but the tracker is still at 95%. :-1:

Any work arounds?

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I’m in the same boat. I’ve read that replaying the prologue will help the achievement pop, but it hasn’t worked for me.

Oh geez. This kind of scares me because I’m about to do this one.

Guess I’ll check the percentage after each chapter to make sure it goes up. I’ve heard doing the prologue again helps as mentioned above but others say it doesn’t. Seems to be a random mission didn’t register.

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Definitly. I’m doing that since Act 3, I know I won’t have to do the boss chapters again.

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I had to replay 2 or 3 chapters of the 1st act and it popped up. I think it is glitched at 95%

I played the intro and after it was finished it popped up

Any solution for this problem?

I had this issue for ages and I kept replaying Prologue over and over but had no luck. However, I played prologue again and did something slightly different and it unlocked.

Originally, when defending Anvil Gate I just hid in cover until the end. However, I had enough of doing this and just unloaded on the Locust with the turret and stayed on there until the end.

You can’t die when you are on the turret, so just unload on the Brumak until the cutscene. It popped for me then so not sure if this is a requirement to successfully ‘complete’ the chapter.