Physical to Digital Question (Gears 5)

Hey guys, hope somebody can provide insight.

I currently have Gears 5 Ultimate physically on my One X. It’s cheap right now so I wanted to buy it on my Series S digitally. Do I need to buy the Ultimate Edition AGAIN on my Series S to get Kat & Emile or how would that work?

Like say I buy the regular edition digitally now, what happens to my progress? Will it just say I don’t have Kat & Emile on my profile now? Does it just count as a new game and none of my online progress will be carried over unless I buy Ultimate again? How does that work…

Might be a bit confusing, hoping somebody can follow

It doesn’t specifically reference your exact scenario, but looks like the halo characters are given to your account from the first account that boots up the ultimate edition, so it looks like you will still have them if I understand it correctly.

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Thanks so much!

And I’m actually seeing that the GOTY Edition comes with all the same stuff as Ultimate that I’m looking for. Should my online progress/ skins carry over once I boot up Gears 5 on my S?

Do I lose my pre order bonuses by purchasing the game again on a new system?


Its all based on online cloud saves within the xbox ecosystem. You can swap between different machines and not lose anything, you could even swap from Xbox to PC and pick up where you left off*.

(*steam to windows 10 store/xbox campaign saves and preorder bonuses don’t carry across, those are the only exceptions)

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Ok thank you for the help! I really appreciate it :blush::+1:

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That is not quite 100% correct.
The campaign save files one is correct, those don’t carry over (and can in fact get you into soft-lock situations if you start a new game + campaign - Jack will lose upgrades for whatever reason when Acts are finished).
You do however carry-over Kat and Emile.
I can not speak for the special console and controller contents (Jack and Kait or something?) but I assume those were redeemable codes, meaning they should in theory carry over as well?

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Thank you for the correction.

There was definitely an issue at one point but I imagine it has been resolved then :slight_smile:

Edit: According to TC it is still an issue with some content but they don’t give any examples