Phantom Skins Inquiry

Disclaimer: I’m not a forum guy so if this post is not appropriate by the guidelines, please let me know and I’ll remove it.

I’m a huge Gears fan. Been playing since 2006 in fact. I have played and owned every game in the franchise and would definitely consider myself loyal. When the Phantom Skins had their original run I was going through hardship and could not earn them because I had to sell most of my personal belongings of value. Do not feel sorry for me because I’m in a great place now! In any case, I don’t believe the Phantom Skins will make a return so here’s my request…I am willing to buy the account of anyone with the original blue/orange skins if you are willing to sell. I really hate when you have to go to great lengths to get something so simple but I really love the skins. Reminds of the EPIC skins everyone used to hack back on Gears 3 lol. Thanks for listening!

Can’t help you with the whole set but if you watch the stream on wednesday you will have the chance to claim a phantom skin. Check the esports section on the main page.

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They do come back every so often on esports livestreams (fight nights on Wednesdays and the weekend LAN events). You likely won’t get the whole set and may find it unlikely to get the lancer/gnasher/snub, but it could happen.

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Thanks a lot for the response guys! Really appreciate it and I’ll stay tuned in from now on!

Sep 13th or 12th fight night?

I have all the phantom skin sets and I’m willing to sell my account for 500,000 dollars.

As others said, you can get phantom skins by tuning into weekly esports stream as they may or may not return during the weekly broadcast.

Also just note, buying someone’s account is againstXbox Code of Conduct, so never engage in this sort of thing at all.

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Well you can only find out the day of. You won’t find out in advance. But fight night would be on the 12th. Community stream would be on the 13th. So to answer your question, it would be the 12th if anything.

Is the fight night, despite an appointment, never sure if it takes place?

Yes I think so

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