Phantom skin diversity

Atleast they didnt give out gilded raam

The set has been exclusive for over a year. I don’t see anything wrong with releasing it now and letting others enjoy it who may have missed out. Same with Gilded RAAM. 1 year of exclusivity is more than enough time.

Fyi, I have all the Road to G5 rewards and this doesn’t bother me at all.


I saw in another thread that Tc recently announced on Twitter that they’re no longer putting the black phantoms in the store.

TC have listened to the feedback and pulled them for the store now.


Rightfully earned stuff should never be free really

I wasn’t bothered at all by them offering these.

However, don’t say you’ll never get these skins again if the plan is to have them available in a year

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What are you talking about? The store updates in 10minutes.

Welp, nvm.

Well, not anymore… Gears of War on Twitter: “The Black Phantom skins will not be added to the store. Due to this decision, today’s store update will be delayed slightly.” / Twitter

Already seen it.

Indeed but after this nonsense they wont seems stupid atlest it was free but in challenge people lately greedy seem too forget those that have life kids bills didn’t have internet in moment Ect… Couldn’t get it at the moment complain when money involved those who do have barely use it just grabing dust i for one wanted phantom since gears 3 like you said been long enough but too late by now its off this why coalition way there say its them but some criticism aren’t right ones like this one why just damn skin keep raam gilded i think weapons skins should be available to anyone i think these view wrong i mean characters skins should be more important if too why not but why greed of something was giving free throughout challenges??? Coalition may have there fault we too have part of it

Aye, aye. Next when they say its “exclusive” remember guys its definitely exclusive (not).

Isn’t it obvious?

They made gears so complicated it made us all stupid. They try to correct our stupidity and it made us reconcile with complicated stupidity. Now that we allowed complicated stupidity become the community, everything is made much less important, like the loyalty series.

I never understood why it’s important or what the point of giving exclusive content for a new game by playing the game that it was going to be pushed over for the new game. To me it seemed like a ploy to get the collectors of ingame content to over focus on unlocking all the content possible to the point that they will subconsciously spend actual money to get the content without them noticing.

Sure enough that was the point! Why else would people go through so much complicated inertia to get something that in the long run will not matter in anyway as soon as the game is done and replaced with a new one??? Oh yeah because MONEYYY!!! WOOO!!!

This is why they tried to sell the black one despite the purple phantom skin already being out, so in the end they can just make it simpler for the rest to follow,BUT NOOOOO!!!

Loyalty is made to mean something by the community since they implemented it back when there was different people running the studio, but over the course it’s been made clear that so much has changed both in and out of the game that no one knows where the direction of the series is going, making the Congress in the community to all seem far more stupid then they should be! This complexity has completely changed everything for the worst and it has even me asking myself “ Will gears ever recover with such a segregated community and game developers?” And I still have to see it through multiple perspectives to understand that in the end, It cannot recover to what it was before because people CANT SEEM TO ACCEPT THE PASSAGE OF TIME AND CHANGE!!!

So to answer your question: Yes they could have! They could have AFTER they sold the black phantom skin set without anything creating a problem, BUT their own community caused the problem from things in the past that we all knew would eventually not matter in time simply because they feel entitled just because they focused on an idea that can no longer be uphold because THINGS CHANGED THIS YEAR AND CHANGED IT!!

It all would have came out as we wanted but we always make the damn thing too complicated that we cannot get it just like América keeps doing the wrong thing until the wrong thing turns out to be the RIGHT THING!

How am I the only person to completely understand everything going on to a degree??? This is madness!!!


Dunno what the fuss is about. I got the black phantom skins and cans easily say I’ve never used them.

I’d give them away if I could.


They were going to be on the store but they’ve been pulled.

Why not give everyone master skins while their at it.
There is a reason why people have certain skins in the game.

but yes.

I use mine on the breaker mace.

Makes it a little harder to see poking out in cover. :wink:


If you people made a thread and half a big of a stink as you did about weapon skins… Maybe we could all ban together and get black steel back! I mean I payed cash money for carmine and myrah in G4. I miss them let me have them in G5!

Good, we have to deal with newbs enough as it is, don’t arm them with phantom skins. Jack needs some executions and expressions! Also, the new day?! Instead of using the limited crew you have to make gears related material you make wrestling skins!? At least the phantoms are safe…for now.

Aye mate, that’s a good reason. Altho if I ever have the Mace I’m very rarely waiting in cover! :grin: