Phantom skin diversity

I’m not complaining the black phantom is going to be on the store I just want to ask, why didn’t they just make ANOTHER color instead of black? Not only to keep it exclusive for the players that actually earned it but also to give something fresh and new to the store, like just change the color of the phantom, it’s really not that hard, emerald phantom was my personal favourite skin of 4 would be nice to see it comeback


They have issues.

Can’t think of any other reason.

They enjoy screwing over the people that support them.

These dudes aren’t the hardcore developers I enjoyed my youth on.

They’re empty code creators with no passion.

Their passion is just to piss the community off.

Pretty low to antagonize your own community.

They don’t deserve us or gears.


Maybe releasing the same phantom skins but instead of calling them Black Phantom set, TC should call them Dark Phantom set!? :sweat_smile:


Is this a recycled skin that I knew they were gonna do each week in the store? All skins should be new in the store anything old should be readily available to buy or if they’re special earn through challenges

They are putting the Black Phantom skin up for sale in the store?



Also, they should have brought back the blue or emerald Phantom skins from 4 back instead.


Huh… Glad I wasn’t one of those idiots that put in a crap load amount of time in Gears 4 to grind it out to get them because they were going to be exclusive to getting the achievement…

Oh wait… I was… sigh

Next time when Gears 6 rolls around I’ll know better that “Exclusive” means limited time…


They have a purple set in the store.

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The Store has a “New Section” and a Featured one. So we get new content and old vaulted content each week.

Yes and it’s poor. There isn’t a new weapon skin this week though? Flame grenadier looks good though,

The recycling idea is just lazy to me, any old basic skins should be available to buy with all the crazy coins many of us have. The store could do with being beefed up

Honestly for the first time in Gears 5’s history I’m gonna say it’s just fine where it is and you need to calm down about it.

Here is something that is obvious and it is poorly done by TC, if you say that something is exclusive that it really is because if you take it out there will be complaints, it is very simple, but the complaints also surprise me because for example, I have to Gilden Raam and Marcus, if they take them out with GC I would absolutely not care, because I have already had time to enjoy them and this would give more opportunity for someone to enjoy it, I do not see it negative, It is something that favors everyone, and if you complain about this let me tell you that you have a bit of selfishness sincerely.

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If weapon skins are going to come back from previous Gears, I hope TC raid UE,3 and J. There some beauties in those games.

As for making the bp ones avalible, I have and use all (most of) the time in 4 and 5. It probably is a poor decision in releasing for iron/coins.

toxicity they call me🙄

It could’ve been the original phantom skins…hell even I would buy those but no… way to go TC …just like bungie

Why can’t I see them in the in-game store ?

The store hasn’t updated yet. Give about six hours.

ok thx

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We need Gears 3 Onyx skins.


Gears 3 and actually J’s Onyx look and sound BOSS :+1::ok_hand: