"Phantom" players on horde and occupied slots

I only play custom horde, I’m the host most of the time, but this happened also when I’m not host.

I got a full lobby (map and difficulty doesn’t matter), so I press X button and the match is created. While is in the loading screen (when you see the art of the map that you chose), 1 player of my team get kicked out of the game(50% of the time). The problem is that we are 4 more 1 AI bot, and even when I’m the host, the option to invite someone to play is grey and I can’t invite. I look at the social panel and it says that we are 4, so the player who was kicked “is” still in lobby, in my game.

This happened with a full team and someone got kicked on wave 5 or 7, and every time that I clear a wave I tried to invite players, but I had the option in grey. Until wave 18 when magically the option for invite was white again.

Is this a know issue? Is this a way to gain EXP or cards without playing? Or is it only a “bug” for horde?

I got this error in Escape too, but only 2 times

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I’ve noticed this since the last update, but there’s usually a fifth in the social panel who never gets into the game. Host has to kick them.
I also had a strange occurance today as I had multiple messages asking me to change difficulties and “ready to start” even though they were not in the game I was playing and I was not host. I’m assuming that there was some game somewhere that had me in it’s lobby indefinitely as the host… I restarted gears once I’d finished the match I was playing so hopefully that fixed it.

But yes the horde lobbies have been really bad since the last update, unable to join 90% of matches, 30 second freezes when a failed attempt to join occurs, phantom players, not to mention the lizzie issue… They’ve made it really difficult to play their game basically.

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There is also the completely invisible player or players. I have joined multiple games that have at least 3 people playing and when I get in there is a 4th player who has been in the game since the start. Like yesterday I joined a game on forge and noticed that there was no engineer, 2 players listed in the lobby which were kait and jd and it was about wave 5. So I enter the game as Del only to find there are 4 players there a Baird and a jack so I ask the host did they join the same round as me and I am told they were there from the beginning. I don’t know what they did but ever since the update and whatever they did to stop horde from crashing the game has just made it worse.

Happened to me too but i thought that I was the problem or than I joined another lobby match. Now I understand why sometimes there are many Baird

Something similar also can happen in Versus. You might enter a game, your team gets lined up like normal, it’ll show your name but you’re invisible. Then the round starts, you don’t spawn and your team is shorthanded. You think it’s just lag, maybe you’ll spawn next round. Next round begins, you think it’ll eventually spawn you but it never does. All you can do is spectate and chat. No one else, nor any bots ever replace you either. Your team is stuck shorthanded the entire game or games until you restart Gears 5.

This happened in a match I was in around 2 weeks ago, but its not happened since, and I cant pinpoint what caused it.

In pvp there’s phantoms too… I captured one last week … I was a perfect 16-0 & when I made my move to kill the phantom , it baited me to my first death, & I died. I just got upset but didn’t make a big deal about it. But since you’re sharing so am I.

I even have the vid clip.

It happens in GoW 4 too…

It’s usually caused by people leaving by any other method than quit using the in game menu.

It’s been a lot worse lately though. The cure is for a person to leave it will take the “ghost” with them but as of this week that isn’t working most of the time. Only other cure is to dispand the lobby