Petition to extend the “Tech Test” period

I knew problems would arise and que times would be a thing but holy hell is that a long time to wait for a game. Not to mention the problems people are having once they get into a game. Like others, I Will’s be patient and wait it out but I think the beta period should be extended for these wait times and issues to make up for the play time we missed . Please help us out TC as I’m sure I’m not the only one who had plans to grind this mfer this weekend lol. Drop a like or comment, let’s get as many people as we can and hopefully the beta will be extended!


Tbh, this was totally expected.

In that respects,

Although it’s not grounds for extension they may be able to do it.


The only really disappointing aspect is the offer of exclusive rewards and then no opportunity to earn them. I just hope they get it squared away quickly.

My queue time is now 4hrs+, it’s fine, gives me time to setup my X.

Petitions are not allowed on the forums

This is the thrid beta The Coalition has had their hands on and they all had the same problems. Its like a running joke now.

I would prefer if they just take the data and be prepared for the following weekend
To be honest the two weekends should be plenty of time to form an opinion and for them to pull data :grin: