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Perspective from a series veteran

So much negativity in here. I just picked up game and have played one match (while mostly tinkering with controller settings). It is understandable to have gripes with a new version of a franchise we all love.

I started playing GoW1 (top 100 rank, so played too much) and I took my ball and pouted for several releases before coming back to GoW4. Sure, it’s a different game and nostalgia blocks a lot of the bad in the old titles. This game is the same, it won’t be just like whatever title you appreciated the most. But have some patience and try to embrace the change with some patience. There will be lots of tinkering and retooling to improve over time. Bringing in new players and offering them an olive branch to enjoy the game is not a crime; it’s necessity. That’s all I’ve got.

Now, wtf is going on with these flash bangs right?


Dude what about the fact that its grindy? Did you see the my tour?

The flash bangs are annoying but not as bad as the old smoke grenades. I remember those use to knock you down. Sometimes you would get knocked off the map. I remember the meta for MP was toss in your smokes and while they are down charge in with your gnashers.

That’s just it there won’t be any “ tinkering” over time. Gears4 had issues that could have easily been fixed but never were.
There is very little that is ok with this game atm.
Can’t wait to see some esports tournaments where these multiplayer issues show for all to see. Maybe then some patches will be in place, though I bet on LAN this game is 100% different

I love flash bangs lol ive never once been kill while flashed

Playing one match and your posting your thoughts, maybe give it a bit more time.

“This game is the same”

Are we standing on thesame planet or are you on sera?

The game is balanced completely differently (and much for the worse) in contrast tothe greatness that was 1 and UE.

Everything is OP, rifles are a joke, stopping pwoer is back. Its crap, pure crap.