Personal performance what a joke

Anything below second place is considered bad cause u will always go negative in points even if supporting the team. Y should someone be punished for being in third even if they win

That is not how rank works


Honestly idk anything how rank works in Gears 5. All I know is I just got my Az handed to me by a pretty good team. Pretty much got skunk both rounds. I was playing solo,they seemed to be communicating really well so a few had to be in a party. My embarrassing performance lead the team which was pitiful. Than come to find out at the end of the match we were Favored by like 8k points to win. Something is seriously wrong with there prediction method.


Just because your in 3rd place doesnt mean you performed. You could have a negative k/d

If that’s the case then every one in the lobby is trash. If you go negative then you didnt have a good performance

I think that points system is just outdated and it is specially awful when the ranking system is so challenging yet you can play with people placed some ranks above yours.

I mean, it is just unfair to be holding a zone in King of the hill, staying for many seconds by yourself, maybe killing enemies, but the only thing that matters to the score is being there for the last fraction of a second, and the only thing that matters to the ranking system is the score.

There are some things that are just too hard to measure, like distracting enemies, or holding some of them by yourself for some time in a corridor giving your team time to capture, clean outnumbered enemies and a ton of situations. But man, even CoD gives you points by the time that you are trying to capture a zone. Bonus points for killing when defending or attacking.

But Gears 5 still has this really old and unfair system. So you can be for a really long time in a very vulnerable zone while your team just goes away to hide in a corner and try to kill some enemy by surprise, or camp a power weapon, or… And OK, this shouldn’t happen in higher ranks. But man I’ve had a looooooooooooot of matches and I just got from Silver 1 to Silver 2. And been with tons of really idiotic players. And faced Silver 3 enemies. It just doesn’t work for me. Shouldn’t work for anyone.

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If you went negative then you didnt have a good performance. I play Guardian all the time and going negative means you didnt have a good performance. Yea you might have won but it wasnt a good win.

I’m not denying “a win is a win”

But just because you won doesnt mean you gave a good performance.

And I throw myself at the leader but very rarely do I go negative

The ranking system definitely feels harsh. I got almost -300 points for a single round of Execution. I killed one guy and then was stuck in a 1 on 3 and lost. The other team was favored so I don’t get it. Maybe because it was the final round?

Its really not subjective. From the sounds of it they got MVP because they were effectively killing the other team while either their team didnt need much capping or their teammates couldnt handle capping without them which would be a bigger problem since they are getting all these kills