Persistent Teammate Health Bars for Jack

Could an option be added where the health bars of your teammates can persist when tacom is off, at least for jack? I`d like to be able to glance at it instead of interrupting whatever Im healing or attacking.


Hey Zombie,

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That would be a nice feature, one that potentially could even be added in the UI options at the pause menu.

We be a good idea, great post man.


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I’d honestly be all for getting rid of the damage omen completely and replace it with the health bars that already exists on tax com, as you’ve pointed out.

As @Hu1k_Daddy stated, it should be a UI option to do this.

I’ve actually never liked red screening for damage in any game. Show me a bar, or best yet, numbers!


Number is best option and if they put it for healt maybe for stim too

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A health indicator just under the weapon hud would be fine