Permanent flash!

Are you going to fix this problem it’s been months !!!
Every game or so I have a permanent flash staying on my screen for the rest of a match .
Fix it man .
How is this get through testing ???

Kind of annoying in KOTH. It can happen in the first round, and can last for a good half hour.

I’ve heard a couple friends complain about this on several occasions. I’ve been lucky as I have yet to experience this yet.

It’s been happening for months but no fixes yet it’s doing my head in

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Has happened to me twice both times it was when I was ghost caming a teammate that got flashed, when I spawned my screen was stuck like I was flashed the entire match. Thought I’d add when it happened in case TC is reading.

Had it in Horde since wave 30. Try dealing with that for an hour or more.

Yes, it needs fixing asap.