Perks not working in Horde today

Running Infiltrator-perk cards are active . Perks arent working. @TC_Shauny do you have any insight or can you check on this?

Do you know why the veteran doesn’t get auto actives today
Is the class not compatible with always actives ?

@KITTY_CAT_ALERT is it auto actives or just reload?

The bullets aren’t active by default like every other class
It’s ALWYS been this way

@KITTY_CAT_ALERT i dont lnow- i would just assume everything is f’ed up since my active perks arent doing anything either. Perks like stim on shotgun kills. Or bleed.

I knew something was wrong
Yesterday’s horde was stupid high dmg EVEN with more lethal off

Did you record

@KITTY_CAT_ALERT and yeah-you are right -says reloads with active rounds. No-didn’t record. Its a waste of time. I still don’t know if they have fixed dailies not working in custom verses lobbies yet. Wasn’t fixed yesterday morning. Had to work yesterday afternoon / evening.

It doesn’t work for veteran, been like that since they introduced modifiers.

Also doesn’t work for tactician if he has the auto reload card equipped

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To Gimp a whole class like that is stupid :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:
Did they ever say why

Might be due to his ultimate. That’s my best guess. Brawler or anchor is most fun class to play with auto reload, try them out instead

Auto sniper is 100% best class to play
But I have it maxed already
Nomad is next best
But yeah I might go anchor for the cards


@KYALAGO i love sniping with auto reload. Just curious, and im down to try, what does auto reload do for Brawler? Just so I understand how to use this most advantageously? Thanks

Try the below setup, this what I always run. Buy a gl instead of the gnasher and have a blast !

Glow and Slow - Great support and holds a lot more value these days, as it counters Aggressive Enemies to some extent. It is however, the card I normally swap out for something else if I am looking to try out a Hybrid.
Play with Fire - This is the soul of Ranged builds for Brawler.
Pyromaniac - More damage is essential.
Perk Up - More health and faster healing goes well with any build.
All the Glory - This provides another great source of damage, and spreads fire for free. In larger maps where enemies don’t pile up as often, it becomes useless.

@Siul_S249 hope you don’t mind the copy pasta


The “play with fire” card gives you a chance to set enemies on fire if they are hit with an active round. The auto reload mod gives constant active rounds, so you constantly have a chance to set enemies on fire.


Dude I didn’t even think of this class