Perks for Engineers: a bit underwhelming

Ever since TC mentioned they were planning on adding perks to Engineers in Horde, its been sorta bugging me, not just because I could see it creating more toxicity in Horde (lord knows we see enough of this garbage already) but also because some of the perks are kinda, well… underwhelming to say the least.

What they’re planning:

Max Health, Ultimate Cooldown, Fortification Health, and Fortification Damage

Why are these good/bad?

Max Health is useful because Engi’s have next to no cards to protect them against incoming fire, this makes them one of the most vulnerable classes out there because the moment something gets through a bases defenses they are out of luck, I also see this as being useful for the team because it allows them to be better field medics.

Ultimate Cooldown is somewhat useful (poor Del and his trash tier Ultimate, give him back his Ice Sentry plz :cry:) because it just gives Engineers more utility for their Ultimates.

Fortifcation Health/Damage is where I start to think that TC dropped the ball. Both Del/Baird can already make regenerating/near indestructible barriers in the first place, so how exactly this would benefit anyone is beyond me. Fortification Damage could be somewhat useful assuming its retroactive but its sorta mute because why not just go ahead and create another Sentry instead?

I propose a better set of perks for Engineers, so this way they can be better at Engineering and as teammates :slight_smile:

Max Health, Ultimate Cooldown, Faster Movement, and Faster (sentry) Reload

Why would those be more useful Bluejay?

Because being able to move faster (and move fortifications faster I might add) would be fantastic for Engineers because it would mean that they can more easily move fortifications across the map and that they could have an easier time going from one fortification to the next, it would also help them be better teammates because they could dodge incoming fire better and revive teammates better.

Faster sentry reload is just a huge QOL improvement for Engineers everywhere, them dang Sentries take tons of precious time out of everyone’s day :unamused:

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that they have not yet implemented perks for the Engineer classes, that is why I wanted to give some constructive criticism before they finally decide to do it that way once they do it won’t be so underwhelming :slight_smile:

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I agree that fortification health should be changed given Del already gets +175%, but as far as damage goes I would prefer to keep that, only because I would rather have Sentry reload speed be integrated into either the repair speed card or the reload cost reduction card, Although personally I would prefer one card that covers repair, reload, and cost reduction.

I personally don’t think that engineers need perks. They need better cards. When this changes are implemented the selfish people that play this game ( and there are many) will be maxing their perks first before actually doing any building.

This is a fear I have as well, but Horde Frenzy is probably what tipped the scales in this case.

in a 1-50 maxing out your perks as Engineer before everyone else gets lockers and barriers and everything set up is probably a guaranteed loss for your team, but in Frenzy they give you far more monies than you know what to do with so it makes more sense there.

Besides I do feel that they have a use in a regular 1-50 Horde game, but realistically you would probably need to either have 2 or 3 taps wave after wave or a Jack to make use of them late game.

I completely agree faster movement and faster sentry reload would be very appreciated. I am upset Baird’s 330% repair speed doesn’t work on refilling sentries.

Fort Health I can accept. Baird and Kat have no health perks. A single well placed boom can obliterate a sentry gun.

ULT CD I feel isn’t that big a deal. Del’s ult is crap, Baird’s is okay with bleed assuming you can get the thing to shoot, Kats IMO is the best ult of the engineers as it provides a good distraction that cannot be destroyed and can be kept on the field for a good amount of time with the right perks and weapons.

Fort DMG…this is where I want actual numbers. I would like to know not just how much dmg this perk will give but also just what amount of dmg 1 single bullet from a sentry gun actually does. It’s rate of fire would also be helpful. Once we have those numbers, maxing out this perk and adding in Baird’s global sentry upgrade perk, then we can judge if this perk will be worth investing into.

Health for the engineer I feel is useless. Even at max health and the bonus for having all 4 taps your still going down in the blink of an eye if an elite drone is shooting at you. Health Regen would be better since having a lvl 10 health regen gives 50%. That counter acts the regen penalty modifier.

I agree and disagree. Engis could use better cards but they should get perks to purchase during horde. I was always told the reason they didn’t have them was they were the only ones who had full access to the fabricator and could upgrade forts. Now that the fab is open to all I feel they deserve some compensation.

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Baird doesn’t really need more health for his fortifications though, the reason being that he can just keep regenerating them via Healing Repairs card, Kat is an honorable mention but lets be honest here she really just needs a full rework (with the rest of the Halo/Terminator classes)

Del’s Ult being utter garbo really just speaks to them needing to give him something else, they originally planned for him to have an Ice Sentry as his Ult, some knucklehead thought 2 Shock Trackers would be better :unamused:

I sorta disagree with the health perk point you made. Was playing a 1-50 Master Horde game on Bunker a few days ago with @dannyjo22 and I can’t tell you how many times I got downed because we had no taps or anything, having a bit more Max Health would’ve been a lifesaver that game.

I fear they won’t get said rework because they don’t own the license to these characters. Personally id rather just take Kats ult and run Baird’s perks instead of hers. Maybe with the decoupling of chars+classes they might get some attention but I doubt it. When they separate chars from classes I will probably run Kat and Emiles skins on other classes because I love the look of the halo armor.

More ways to freeze things would be cool. No pun intended. I miss the GoW3 turrets that lit things on fire when they were fully upgraded. Course back then we had to put them in predetermined spots and the computer told us we had to put them IN FRONT of the barriers where they could easily be destroyed.

To each his own. Unless it’s a big health boost I feel it isn’t noticeable. Instead of 1 bullet I get dropped in 2? Not that big a difference when it’s coming from a claw.

Barriers… Barriers… Give Level 1 and 2 Barriers bleed damage please. If you step on spikes or razorwire would you be fine in real life??? come on…

All people would then do is hide while the barriers kill off most enemies. Some will use it to cover the entire map, or maybe it would evolve into the “new” meta. If you want most of matches ever played to go in that direction, go ahead and let them add that. Or keep the existing barrier bleed glitches in.

Chances are I won’t be playing with anyone doing that though.

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HMMM well you do have a point. In that case thoughts on removing Prestige L and and going to 30?

Also bleeding damage wouldn’t have to be so strong you know. The whole point of horde is to fend off and survive 50 waves you know so it’s pretty fair.

I don’t think removal of Reups 31-50 should be a thing… wouldn’t happen anyway.

No matter how weak or strong the bleed is people will just throw barriers everywhere to kill enemies rather than having to do it themselves. I think the game is better off without such, realistic or not. Remember how the Grace or Baird barriers have turned out, people won’t use them in moderation.

Besides if the team sucks and would need those things to survive… maybe they shouldn’t be playing Master or continue to watch myself as Lizzie do most of the damage and prevent failure while we have a JD, Kait and Paduk.

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Right but the problem with that is 50 Waves of horde just take way to long mate. It takes about 3 hours to complete 50 waves for barely any exp. I’m pretty much maxed and have no problems doing horde on master but the problem is the TIME. No one has that much time to do 3 hours of horde everytime with no change in the match. It’s boring and repetitive when you have a JD or marcus spamming everything. If you are any other class u just pretty much sit and thats it.

At that point it’s wayy better to AFK and let the horde do its self. Meanwhile people can watch a movie or pay close attention every now and then. The way Horde is now TC have failed to make it appealing and successful with the lack of options mechanics and overall gameplay of horde. Do you see where i’m going with this?

I tend to play without a JD or Marcus, or with JD players who don’t spam every single Leech in the match to death. Currently this is also very much viable, as it should be.

My Master matches also usually tend to be under the three hour mark, closer to two or two and a half. And during school holidays, less busy days or weekends I deffo got the time to do a full 50. Time also depends on the map of course - Pahanu is the worst offender in this case cause it’s so damn big.

Frenzy is also the short on time man’s version of Horde right now, though I’d prefer it was a 25 wave variant rather than a measly 12. They can call what they have as Frenzy now Horde Blitz or something, I don’t know.

If you got shot with a rocket launcher would you regain all you health in 30 seconds in real life?

Why yes of course you would. Everyone knows that just ask any russian.


As @The_Bozzmeister suggested, after adding Engineer’s perks decoys would be good addition for Marcus Flank Em and it would assist Keegan Interrogation cards.

Also, I’m just wondering if Del could become another invincible decoy now with Healing Repair card :sweat_smile:

I see an army of Decoys coming back!

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when are they planning to add the perks to the game?

Only God knows at this point lol

I give em about 2 or so weeks, though I suspect they’ll want to put other fixes into the same update so it depends on how much stuff they want to lump together into one big update.

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