Perks buy button in Horde doesn't work suddenly (PC)

The button to buy your perks in Horde suddenly doens’t work anymore. I cannot buy perks 0_o I hit the key on my keyboard as always, but the menu doesn’t show up. I didn’t Change anything in my controlls 0_o On my plugged Controller, however, it works. To play Horde I have to use my keyboard, kmuse and now the controller.

Any solution? I’m so ■■■■■■■ sick of this buginfested trashgame from a trash developer.

Just to rule this out. Your not playing as an engineer are you? Cause they don’t get the option to buy perks during horde. They can build everything and they are the only class who can upgrade forts so I think it’s TC’s idea of balance.

No, I noticed it while playing Lahni and testet it with Fahz and Kait. Some days ago everything was fine, now it doesn’t work.

Perks for Jack worked, too, four or Five days ago.

Yet another screw up from the latest patch -.-

Make sure your controller scheme is set to default.

If it’s not set to that, you won’t be able to open the perks menu using the keyboard. Been a bug since day one, still not fixed :roll_eyes:.

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Wow, yes thank you, I’ll try that out later. I tried playing with controller several days ago and changed the theme. Thank you for this hint.

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which key binding option is it to change the buy perks button