Performance question

So I’m considering going back to a 1080P 240Hz display

Right now I have a 4K 144Hz display

I get about 160 FPS at 4K on max settings

But when ever I turn down the settings or the resolution to 1080P my FPS doesn’t really change

My average stays the same but I’ll get short bursts up to 200 FPS

This doesn’t make sense to me. I should be able to reach 240 FPS at 1080P no problem if I get can around 160 FPS at 4K

Why does my FPS not really change with the massive reduction in resolution?

Because you are CPU bottlenecked.


I have an I7 8086K

There’s no way it’s a bottle neck

What would be better?

At some point, either your CPU or GPU will end up being a bottleneck. If you are reducing your resolution but your frames aren’t going up (or barely go up), then it’s a CPU limit.

You could also end up spending a ton of extra money on a better CPU, but still not get the frames you want if you are targetting 1080P Ultra 240FPS (depending on the game and your hardware).

I would recommend doing a bit of research into the relationship between CPU and frames (so you have an understanding of how it works), and look at CPU benchmarks at 1080P for various games and seeing what hits your desired framerate.

Example HERE

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The benchmark shows my I7 was the better version of the 8000 series

I can’t imagine a better CPU making a difference because I’m already at overkill as far as gaming goes.

The next step would be an I9 and (as far as intel goes) and that’s just wasting my money at that point because it’s only used for gaming

Could this game just not be coded for a stable 240 FPS?

If two RTX 2080TI’s in SLI and an I7 can’t reach 240 FPS then nothing will

Why even mention this? The point of the video was to show you an example of how to look for CPU benchmarks and see what frames they are getting in games (eg in the linked video the 8086k was getting over 100 fps but sub 200fps in top games). Which is what you seemed to be asking about.

Given you are CPU bottlenecked, the better a CPU you get the more frames you will get. Whether this is enough for you given price or even possible performance I don’t know. That is up to you from what you research.

If you want God tier performance you will have to pay an absolute ton of money for a small upgrade from what you currently have. I don’t think it is worth it at all, and from this seemingly you don’t either.

As my previous advice, look at benchmarks and see whether any CPU’s can reach the performance you want. If nothing can then perhaps you are asking for something unrealistic.

If you have 2 2080ti’s why on earth were you so confident that you weren’t CPU bottlenecked? The 2080ti is an absolute beast!

Honestly, it seems like you are asking for advice and just wanting to argue instead about how good your PC is while also complaining that your PC isn’t powerful enough to do what you want. I am not sure if that is how you are trying to or wanting to come across, but that is how I am reading it.

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Because you linked a video that used my exact CPU. Why else wouldn’t I watch it and see how it compares to other 8000 series I7? That was your advice right?

I’m not an idiot LOL
I think I know how to research computer parts. The point of this post was to ask why the best parts on the market can’t even reach a targeted fidelity that should be achievable. I was hoping to find something more nuanced in discussion and learn something that I didn’t know like; maybe this game can’t reach a stable 240 FPS like mentioned before. Why you assumed I didn’t know how to research benchmarks I have no idea.

That’s only true to a certain extent. In terms of gaming you can reach a point where Game developers don’t utilize as many cores and threads as your CPU provides. For examples; A CPU with 4 cores Vs. 8 cores will not impact performance given that the clock speeds are the same along with architectures ect.

My CPU is not a bottle neck. Games haven’t reached a point to where it would be.

True. But again, my CPU is far capable. Going with anything better will have no performance gains.

Its more than certainly realistic on the PC side… This is why I’m asking if it has something to do with how the game was coded. And yes, there are no benchmarks that shows my CPU a bottle neck.

Oh I forgot I decided to pair two RTX 2080TI’s with an I3 processor.

Obviously I made sure my CPU was future proof.

That’s an incredibly presumptuous and slightly rude way to respond to me when I’m here sincerely asking a question and looking for real answers

Especially given the fact that I reached 240 FPS on weaker hardware. Wanna explain that?

For a forum moderator that’s not how you should respond to people especially when I literally did absolutely nothing and you just assumed my intentions were to instigate something toxic

Yup well, close this thread. Don’t care to find an answer anymore I’ll just ask on Reddit.

Thanks dude.

No. It was to look up CPU versus game performance and I listed that as an example. as it had your current CPU listed with titles that required a decent amount of performance (which was between 100-200 showing that your CPU unfortunately won’t be able to do 200+ at 1080P in newer AAA games ).

Because you said there was no way you were CPU bottlenecked. That is completely false and it really makes you sound like you don’t understand how framerates are achieved. This is why I recommended you do research into this. I don’t think you are in any way an idiot,

Yes it is. It is currently the factor in your hardware limiting your framerates. That is the definition of a bottleneck. Again I don’t think you are an idiot, just that you seem to not know much about this area and keep making a false claim about how this works.

Your CPU is a great CPU, but again you are making a false claim. Better CPU’s (or better overclocking on your current CPU) will result in performance gains. Whether purchasing a more expensive CPU for a limited amount of extra frames is a better argument to make rather than saying better hardware won’t result in better performance.

As above, I either think you don’t understand what I am referring to, or you are deliberately missing the point. You aren’t looking for benchmarks to see if your CPU is a bottleneck, you are looking at benchmarks to see what kinds of frames you should expect on people running the same hardware as you or running on potential upgrades.

If people running the same CPU and GPU (or similar) as you are achieving better performance than you, something is clearly wrong. If people running hardware you are looking at would cost you say an extra 1000 USD (just an example) and would only result in an extra 10 frames per second (again just an example) you could easily and fairly conclude that extra outlay of money wouldn’t be worth it.

Again, this isn’t what I am talking about. Clearly you are being sarcastic here rather than trying to learn. Either your CPU or GPU will be more powerful than the other and at some point, one will become the limiting factor. If you are trying to run Ultra at say 8K, your GPU will likely be the bottleneck. If you are trying for extreme frames at 1080P, then you will likely be CPU bottlenecked.

Honestly you seemed to be deliberately missing the point of what I was trying to help you with. I did state that it was hard to tell (as text isn’t a great medium). Your responses really aren’t helping the case as you seem to be taking it as a personal attack on you and your PC.

It would help to have more information as that is quite vague.

First guess: Look up Intel and Microsoft’s response to hardware vulnerabilities. This has had a negative impact on Intel CPU performance

Second guess: Perhaps something isn’t working the way it should, such as your CPU cooler.

Third guess: You may not have been using the exact same settings (ie High presets instead of ultra).

Fourth guess: There is a big difference between reaching a framerate and the game playing sustainably at the framerate.

I apologise if I came across as rude. I am genu9inely trying to help you understand why you aren’t (and likely won’t) hit a consistent 240fps at 1080P ultra.

best of luck, and I mean that sincerely :slight_smile:

That’s not true at all. The bench mark used a 1080TI which is no where near what I have. I own multiple games used in that test and easily get over 200 FPS. Your video was not an example of anything relevant given that the GPU was the limiting factor.

I don’t think you understand how Game Developer make games. They don’t use very many cores. In fact, less cores at a higher clock speed typically results in better FPS than double the amount of cores with a slightly slower clock speed. This is unique to gaming because every other task PC’s do like processioning and editing data ect always benefit with more cores resulting in faster performance. So no, my CPU is more than fast enough for any game to utilize as much as it needs. From someone telling me to do research you’re not that educated on the matter respectfully speaking.

This is just a repeat of what you already said so here:

You can see here in this test that a better CPU does not improve performance one bit. Other test show how outrageously powerful CPU’s are actually worse for gaming because typically the more cores you have come with slower clock speeds. Since games only utilize a few cores, higher clock speeds are actually more beneficial.
You also didn’t explain how weaker hardware ran better? I researched my CPU and bought what was voted best gaming CPU on the market. Sorry, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Again, this is false as I just explained above. A better CPU does not improve anything.

If that were the case then why did you link a benchmark where they weren’t using the same hardware? lol

Not really relative but thanks for the advice.

Coming from the person who’s been wrong about how CPU’s work in gaming…

All of this is true but my hardware is beyond what game Dev’s can utilize. Or at least on the CPU side. Again, I had weaker hardware achieve this. I came here to try and figure out why before you decided to make things awkward and get salty that I asked a question.

Bro, I asked a pretty simple question and you came at me assuming I’m looking to instigate an argument. Now you think I’m taking criticism as a personal attack on my PC like WTF? What are you even saying?

All of that could have been provided before you pretty much ruined this thread.

All of this would have been a perfect suggestion if you just commented this only…

Well I did in the past sooo that’s what im trying to figure out.

Thanks homie

Here you are trying to disprove an argument I never made. I completely agree with you that CPU cores counts is not being an issue here. Single core performance however does matter. I was never talking about having tons of cores equating to making a CPU better for gaming, hence why I never once mentioned it as being a factor in being a better CPU. Instead, I recommended looking at benchmarks to see what frames you could expect from a potential CPU purchase in various games.

This makes it sound like you think your CPU could achieve unlimited frames. I am sure you don’t actually think this, but at some point, it does hit its limit. Which is why you made the thread in the first place.

I have designed and built well over 100 PC’s in this point in my life as an FYI (Not proof that I am amazing, but there is a reason friends, family and acquaintances come to me for it).

Again, was a very basic example of what to look for, please don’t read too much into that exact configuration. Instead Look for what can give you the performance you desire then work out whether it is worth paying for. I will freely admit I could have been more concrete with stating that while listing the frame counts. I did however clearly say a few times about looking at configurations matching what you were after.

The problem is that you are equating “better CPU” as “having more cores”. I am equating “better CPU” as one that will give better frames.

For price versus performance at a high level it was a definite winner when it was released. Now The 9900k, for example, is more powerful than the 8086, but only by a small margin. Certainly wouldn’t be worth paying the extra money IMO.

Post a benchmark.

I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening.

I did my research and found out that the CPU I have is the best for gaming, right now,

Your argument in a nutshell is that my CPU is the bottleneck on why I can’t hit 240 FPS
I disproved that with logic and evidence. Did you not read the link I posted? It shows that you can get to a certain level of CPU performance where you no longer see gains in gaming even if you add more cores and higher clock speeds. Your idea on my CPU being a bottle neck is wrong.

“A better CPU” almost always means more cores or going up a tier.
You should have been more specific. But it doesn’t matter because I already showed you how it doesn’t make a difference. I could swap it out with a slower CPU with less cores and still get the same performance.

That’s just a gross exaggeration of what I’m trying to say. And to a certain degree if a game were specifically optimized for my CPU then it would be GPU bound on how many frames I would get. But that’s already to the point because I’m already passed any threshold in gaming where higher clock speeds would benefit me. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

That’s means absolutely nothing. Anyone can watch a YouTube video on how to put together a PC.
14 year old kids do it to play Fortnite.

Understand how coding and parts actually work in conjunction is completely different.

And I already preemptively did research before coming here. I also posted a test showing how its futile to look at benchmarks when my CPU is as good as it needs to be for gaming. Better actually.

Then instead of saying “better CPU” you should be more specific. But again, it doesn’t matter. I have the best I can get in terms of gaming. I’m just repeating myself and it sounds really cringe at this point like I’m trying to sound preeminent. I’m not. That’s not my goal.

9900K Would not effect my gaming experience.

I already found what the issue is some where else. And I honestly could have just replied with that instead of replying to all your false claims. And that’s exactly why I did. It bothers me slightly that you’re a little mislead on how this stuff works.

Ironically for you it’s actually a GPU issue and has nothing to do with my CPU
It’s all driver optimization degradation. which was my first guess.

In a very broad way you’re not wrong . But you have to understand that at a certain threshold it does become optimization and Developer tools to achieve better performance and simply saying that a “better CPU” however way you choose to define that won’t influence my gaming.

And just to reiterate, Even a CPU with a higher clock speed will not help me. And that’s not unique to my case. My CPU is as good as anyone could ask for in terms of gaming. Not to sound conceited. Just trying to make a point.


Thanks but i’m pretty confident
Its a driver issue. RTX cards are geared up for newer games which is why I was able to get better performance when Gears was more relevant.

And yes a 9900K is beast. If I’m not mistaken it supports 2x PCIE 16X lanes giving an SLI rig even more of a GPU boosts.

Uhhhh but soooo much money… plus you need a mother board to support that

Gears 4 has the in game benchmark. If you run that it will tell you what the bottle neck is. It might just be a matter of tweaking a few settings.

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9900K would absolutely affect the performance.

It can clock high and stay there on all cores and gives you the best performance for games right now.

As stated,

Run a benchmark and I’ll show you how your CPU is a bottleneck.

I get 190-200 FPS on 4K.

And I can hit 250-260 FPS at 1080p and 2K.

But again,

I can show you what is happening until you run it.

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Hopefully these work

The first image is 4K
And the other is 1080P

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Your CPU is hella weak.

Even your GPU FPS stats are under par.

There’s no way.

3rd party software says its barley even being used.
There must be something holding it down

Yeah, your CPU is just not up to it.

For comparison, in 4K,

My CPU hits like 370 in render and 300 in game.

You get a very weak 118 in 4K.

That’s like HALF.

And even in 1080p, still weak.


In 4K - I’m hitting 200FPS.

In 1080p / 2K - I’m hitting 250-260 FPS.

Why does it say I’m only using like 30%?

I also have an M.2 SSD using a PCIe lane