Perfect Future For Gears of War 4 - Quick Comments

This is fantastic news.

First off,

Skill Rating and Latency restrictions have been reduced.

With Strict Matchmaking being toned down like it should have been after stifling the game for many higher skilled players,

This is excellent news.

@TC_Octus I thank you, Nodezero and the team for understanding these needs.

It’s always better late than never.


With Ranks going, I think it makes total sense to just enjoy the Awsome gameplay.

I truly believe 4 plays the best compared to any other Gears game, including 5, it has a unique feel and speed to it that has made it what it is.

I’m glad to be able to carry on playing this as much as possible with the least amount of restrictions.

Me and my friends can finally team up again!

Things like this always give me hope for the future.



Does anyone know what this means for the Ranked and Filed achievement when the ranks are removed? I’m assuming the criteria will change to just completing 5 matches in a Core and Competitive playlist.

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So are you gonna stay on gears 4 ? And not move over or …

I don’t think they will change the criteria but confirmation would be needed on what’s happening I guess.

I won’t be on much but I will look to play 4 as much as possible or whenever I can, over and above 5 which I don’t like as it stand now.

Do you like the more fast and light feel to 4 ?
I do agree 5 does feel more heavy which some people prefer and for me i dont entirely mind

Thank you TC, for doing what we have asked of you for the past year or so…sigh



4 over 5 in this respects.

I also don’t like a CoD style lancer tbh.

At least we know it takes around 2+ years to fix crashing about 1 year to reverse bad changes made!

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Lol. By 2030, Gears 4 will be a perfect game

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Oh yeah,

I mean,

TC have completely earned my trust and have shown they are absolutely competent when it comes to making games.

They said so themselves!

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Yeah this is def necessary for them to do and I’ve recommended this for a long time, but tbh I don’t know why anyone will keep Gears 4 installed after 5 comes out :joy:


I’m still probably going to play it.
I still play the old ones. :joy: