Perfect Active Reload doesn't work for starting weapons

Tonight while playing Gears with my wife on separate consoles, we noticed the Perfect Active reload for the starter weapons (Lancer, Gnasher, and Snub) were not giving active rounds; the “active ready” cool down bar would fill almost immediately, and the loaded rounds did not flash to indicate “perfect Active” status.

If we picked up a weapon in the field, the Perfect Active would behave as expected, however if we picked up the dropped weapon, the problem would recur.

We’ve only observed this in Co-Op vs A.I., and only in KOTH and TDM; other game types did not appear / win the vote.

This is an intentional change that was implemented what, a few weeks ago. Starting weapons in PvP no longer provide an active reload bonus and have had their perfect active zone put right at the front of the active reload area. All they give now is a slightly faster reload in Versus.

Every other weapon still has one.

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Okay, thanks! Must have missed that in the patch notes

I’m noticing other chsnges(came back from op1) and it seems like it takes more shots to down someone with the lancer